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SoSL Blogger Challenge: Vampire

Vampire 1

I know that I have been terribly neglectful but for good reason.  I have had some health issues that have cropped up on me without warning.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon enough.  Roewan came up with the excellent idea to have a blogger challenge to do fantasy avatars.  Vampire is an easy enough one for me because when I first came to SL that’s what I jumped into – being a vampire.  The first community I ever joined was Transylvania’s Vampire Empire and I spent my time there for a long time.

Vampire 2Over the years the sim has changed and I moved on.  I enjoyed seeing the changes there while I took these pictures.  My vampire character has been one of my favorite characters I have roleplayed.  I enjoy roleplaying vampires in the style that Laurell K. Hamilton writes them.  I am toying around with a new shape, what do you think?  I haven’t decided if it’s ‘me’ or not yet.

Hair:  redMint – no 15’13 (from Hair Fair 2013)
Skin:  Glam Affair – Luria 05 (from a past Arcade)
Eyes:  Ikon – Vanity Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no. 3
Teeth:  Tuli – Parted Lips (Vampire)

Skirt:  Bilo – Bahra Mermaid Skirt
Corset:  League – Nyx Corset

Peircings:  Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream
Choker & Bracelets:  The Plastik – Dena’ina
Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo – Grumium
Blood:  Soedara – Bloody Smear (Part of Aarica Fallen Daughter)

Poses:  !bang

Location:  Vampire Empire
Soundtrack:  Queen of the Damned Soundtrack – System

Plastik <3


Yes, yes, I know.  You’re sick of me talking about the.Plastik.  Get over it.  The place is amazing.  For this week’s FLF, owner/designer Aikea Reiko has released not one, but two HUGE sets of gorgeous clothes.  And when I say huge, I’m talking like 150 pieces in one set for L$50!!!!  And on top of that, there’s an amazing set of Astrali skins in Stratus tones for L$50 as well.  ON TOP OF THAT, she stuffs these folders chock full of eyes, and all kinds of other goodies.  I wanted to throw a pic down for you here, but with all the RL stuff I have to do today, it wasn’t possible.  I’ll try to smack one up here later if I can, but I didn’t want any of you to miss out on this amazing deal.  While you’re there, check out her World’s End set for L$75 which is also a sexy clothing set stuffed to the brim.  Get your Plastik on!

*While you’re there, make sure you join the group so you can hit up the lucky boards, and grab the two May gifts for free right behind the FLF display!  Why haven’t you been shopping here all along?!?!? 😀



Roe’s Three Wishes <3


So you’re walking along the beach, kicking at the sand and you notice a magic lamp hidden under a rock. You pull it out and rub it, because what else would you do with a magic lamp? Out pops a genie and is ready to grant you three wishes, any three wishes to do with your SLife.

Meme instructions: Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life. They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

I gets wishes?!?!  \o/

Holy hell.  What would I wish for??

1.  That I could create.

I’m with Berry on this one.  More than anything else, I wish I could build in SL the things that pop into my head on a daily basis.  I feel like an artist without a paintbrush.  So any designers out there looking for inspiration, you can get it for free here.

2.  That I had a better system so I could use shadows.

It’s pretty much undeniably true that the best pics come from the best pc’s.  We all know how glitchy SL is.  So if you don’t have the system to push it, SL pics can be hard to get.

3.  That I could live at The.Plastik and be their mascot.

What?!  It’s MY wishes dammit!!!  I can be the Plastik fairy godmother if I want to!

So since the point of this meme was magical awesomeness, I wanted to show off my unicorn hybrid! 😀  When I was a little girl, I loved unicorns.  Probably had them plastered all over my room.  So here’s my more adult homage to the Uni!


Hair: Jayna in Platinum by Milana

Skin: The Arkasia Skin in Klise by The.Plastik

Eyes: Gem Eyes in Sunset by Insufferable Dastard

Corset: Seren Corset in Stark by The.Plastik

Top: Ruffle Top in Blue by {dollie*}

Shorts: City Work Shorts in Classic by Apple May Designs

Tights: Nylon Cotton Tutu Tights in Aqua (part of a set) by =Razorblade Jacket=

Boots: Megasboots in White by TEN”10

Collar/Bracelets: Dena’Ina in Wind/Dena’Ina Bacelets and Armbands by The.Plastik

Poses: Model Pose pack 27/Headshot 4 by Glitterati

Unicorn Horn/Ears: Sweet Dreams Unicorn in Starchild (Rare) by +Half-Deer+ available at The Arcade Event

The dog days are over…

A new edition of the We ❤ Roleplay event will be opening June 4th but I couldn’t resist blogging some more pieces that I put together from the first round.  I am still trying to think of what to do for my Teach Me Something meme, perhaps a Marketplace shopping tutorial?

Carpathian 1

  1. Who did you speak to last inworld today? Reece Morane
  2. Who has taught you most about SL? Sterling Hermes, probably life in general.  Wise man.
  3. Who do you turn to for help? It depends on what I need help with.  My life lines would have to be Sterling Hermes, Missy Lysette, Reece Morane, Serenity Lovenkraft, and Xanadue Moorsider (each for different things).
  4. Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list? Definitely, Missy Lysette.
  5. Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL? I do, a few I text or chat to on Skype.
  6. Are you part of a community or family inworld? I’m not part of a current group in Second Life however I consider most of my close friends like family.  I have been part of many communities and I take a piece of each of them with me.
  7. Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld? I spend time with my partner mostly, we visit with a few friends when time permits.

Carpathian 2

I was super excited when I woke up and seen that Tuli Asturias had released some vampire teeth.  I was just thinking of looking for a good set to go with this outfit, she read my mind.  The new summer collection for Mandala is out and it is jaw-dropping!  I love Mandala’s jewelry and when I saw these pieces I wanted them all instantly.  This fountain behind me is from aisling – I am excited to see what they will have for the next We ❤ Roleplay !

Hair:  Exile – Bad Reputation
Skin:  Glam Affair – Cleo – India
Eyes:  Ikon – Vanity Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Teeth:  Tuli – Parted Lips Vampire
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!) Shop opening soon!

Dress:  Masoom – Albina Gown
Armlets & Corset:  Plastik – Roleplay Thresh Outfit (Available at We ❤ Roleplay May)
Cape:  The Muses – Rainha Fire & Blood (Available at We ❤ Roleplay May)

Boots:  Maitreya – August Boots
Jewelry:  Mandala – Tefutefu

Poses:  Glitterati

Location:  Private Residence
Soundtrack: Florence + the Machine – Dog Days are Over

Facing Down the Demons




“Everywhere I looked, demons of the future [were] on the battlegrounds of one’s emotional plane.”
― David Bowie

Another exceptional piece for you from Bare Rose today!


Outift: Gaap Lady by Bare Rose (with Lolas applier)
Skin: Tao Goth 4 in Unicorn Ash by cStar Limited
Eyes: Draziira Glow Eyes in Gold by The.Plastik
Hair: Tahnee w/Roots Streaked by Truth
Bewbs: Tango Mesh Breasts by Lolas
Poses: Random Poses by Glitterati

GoT Evie’s?


Still loving the Game of Thrones sim. Hopefully you’re all keeping up with the show because it’s truly addicting!! I was totally tickled pink when Evie’s Closet released this gown for a ridiculously wonderful price. This woman can still make me buy sculpt and flex in a mesh SL world! To me, that’s truly a testament to her skill. She just makes beautiful clothes, and she never fails to make things stunning. From her color choices to the lines of her creations, this lady knows fashion. 🙂 Thanks Evie for making my day with this gown!! This is my tribute to Cersei Lannister, my favorite bad girl at the moment. George knew what he was doing when he created this twisted beauty! Enjoy!


Gown: Cersei Gown in Pink by Evie’s Closet
Circlet: Arachzis Circlet (Part of the Arachzis Horns set) by The.Plastik
Hair: Sybille Mesh Hair in Golden by Wasabi Pills
Skin: Mary Natural (Past TDR Offer) By Glam Affair
Eyes: Shades of Green 1 (Past VIP gift) by Insufferable Dastard
Poses: Formality Pose Pack by Glitterati

Get a Little Plastik in Your Life!



That’s right. It’s all Plastik. 😀 If that doesn’t showcase some amazing talent, then I don’t know what does.
Mesh and sexy, and all corset like and just yum.  Really, really yum.
But I like to let the pictures speak for themselves.
Think about me while I’m stuck at work all weekend!!

❤  Roe


Hair: Naamah Hair in Bleach
Eyes: Astrali Mesh Eyes in Hirdian
Boots: Arke Boots – Betty
Skin: Astrali Skin [Basic]://Europa-Shadow (Showcased at the Skin Faire, Now available in store!)
Tat: Haila Tattoo Addon – Feather Lip
Collar: Dena’Ina Collar – Cross
Ears: Arkenea Ears – Dragon/Gauged
Dresses: The Pandora Dresses
All by The.Plastik

Pose Prop: Boxy by Glitterati

You can’t chose what stays and what fades away…

Belted Girl 1

Soedara is a must for roleplayers.  Though her creations are Gorean in nature many things that she creates can cross over into other fantasy realms.  In addition to silks and other Gorean slave wear, Marbella creates beautiful crafted face jewels and headdresses.  I definitely recommend checking her out.  I am also wearing a creation from another of my favorite stores, The Plastik.  This top is currently only available at Whore Couture.  That event is ending soon, if you’ve been putting it off now is the time to go!

Belted Girl 2

I was in the market for some new poses and I received a notice from Severed Garden for a new pose set.  I went and tried them out and I bought every set that she currently has out.  They are smooth, beautiful, and cheap!  If you need some new poses definitely check them out!

Hair:  Catwa – Erika
Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – India
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Feet:  Gos Boutique – Barefeet – Flat
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Top:  The Plastik – Daenarys Top in Hera (Available at Whore Couture)

Cuffs, Collar, and Belt:  Soedara – Chastity Belt in Used Metal
Earrings:  Soedara – Hooped Earrings Medium
Face Jewels:  Soedara – Cihuapilli Forehead Quattuor
Piercing:  Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream

Pose 1 & 2:  Severed Garden

Location:  Village of Maelstrom
Soundtrack:  Florence + The Machine – No Light No Light

“There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.” – Edgar Allen Poe

So maybe I needed a break from my own challenge!! Instead I wanted to post some random pretties and of course my new horns from my favorite place ever. If you have to ask where that is, then I shun you briefly and then point you in the direction of The Plastik. Go.

Dress: Darla Long Summer Mesh Dress by Maai
Hair: Draw by Magika
Skin: Aleria/Nomad Fem1 by The.Plastik
Eyes: Vaele Collection-Frozen by The.Plastik
Face tattoo: Soul Ink Collection No. 24- Zimmer by The.Plastk
Horns: The Arachzis Horns in Chalk with Opal add-on setting in Amethyst by The.Plastik
Bracelet/Rings/Nails: Takara Bangles/Nails/Rings set in Silver by Mandala
Prim Feet: Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Pivoting by SLink
Lashes: Glam Rock Lashes – Pink2 by [a.e.meth]

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