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Roe’s Procrastinating?!


Yep, sure am.  It’s time for more memeness.  I’m loving these things!  Enjoy!

1.  What is the rez date for your current SL Avatar that you use most often?   Roewan Kline, December 13, 2006

2.  Where was the first place you made friends as a newb and got to know people in Second Life?   A sim called Beauty, based on the Sleeping Beauty series by Anne Rice.  I loved that place and was very very sad when everyone finally went their separate ways.  I’ve never found another home like it.

3.  Where do you spend most of your SL time now?  Either running the grid looking for newness or at my studio.

 4.  Who is your closest friend in Second Life (only pick one) Ilyushin Tzedek.  She’s mah pixellated bestie and we have spent a few years being goofy and having fun together!

5.  What is the most favorite thing in your inventory? (only pick one)  Only ONE?!  Unfair.  But if I had to I would have to say my Plastik skin collection.  I know technically that’s more than one, but I couldn’t pick between them all.

6.  The last thing you purchased in Second Life?  The new Tuli Vamp prim teeth!

7.  What color clothing does your avatar wear most often?  She dresses like my RL self, black is our favorite!

8.  Do you prefer to walk, run or fly?  I’m a walker.  I found the best damn walk years ago and I just love to watch my avie strut her stuff!!

9.  What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in SL? Waaaay back in the day, Ily and I were camping for hair at a store, it was crowded and she was in her sandworm av, she kept sneaking up next to random people and they were actually freaking out.  Childish I know, but it was hilarious!!

10.  Who would you like to play YOU, in the movie of your SLife?  Monica Bellucci, because I love her and I said so dammit!

Why this look? I really dig earthiness. I love mythical creatures. And satyrs are one of my favs. 🙂 Enjoy!

Skin: Erika in Deep Tan by -Belleza-
Hair: Froukje in Auburn (Gingers Set) by >Truth<
Eyes: Thank You Gift Eyes by Insufferable Dastard
Teeth: Prim Parted Lips Set No. 1 by [:Tuli:]
Antlers: Cemos Antlers by [europa]
Outfit: Ariel by *May’s Soul*
Body Paint: Che’val Body Paint by [twee.]
Hooves: Faun Legs in Brown by -[Stinky Kitty]-

Weee… moving…

I have been super busy moving in real life.  We finally got the internet reconnected at our new place today.  Nothing has went smoothly or easily but it’s over!  Now, the fun of unpacking and catching up in all the stuff I’ve missed.  I did get to visit Fantasy Faire before the move and it was amazing.  Can’t wait to put together some looks and show you what I found.  I really loved this look when I put it together a bit back.  The top is from a store called, The Library.  This is a collaboration between Sabina Takakura and Dream Resistance.  If their names sound familiar they should – they were the owners of Fantasia.  I was so sad when they went out of business in world, you can imagine how happy I was to hear they had a new venture.  They have a great concept to go along with it, their outfits are inspired from characters from books.  I’m such a nerd that I LOVED this!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!  They already have several releases out so make sure to stop by!

  Ruins Bond 1

  Ruins Bond 2

Hair:  Catwa – Erika
Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – India
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Kosh – Metallic Eyeshadow
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Top:  The Library – Short Stories Asymmetrical
Skirt & Arm warmers:  Cellar Door – Adara
Feathers: May’s Soul – Apache

Circlet:  Cellar Door – Adara
Armbands:  May’s Soul – Apache
Necklace:  League – Beaded Necklace
Collar:  RU Designs – Rude Collar

Location:  Slave Gardens

My 7 Facts! Thanks Berry!



I like the blogger challenges. It affords us all much needed insight and inspiration to write. Strawberry Singh has a lovely little challenge on her blog right now, having to do with seven facts about our individual SL lives. I thought this would be cute. So silently judge away! 😀

Fact #1: I am six years old in SL. HOLY CRAP.

Fact #2: I love to rp in SL. It is the first thing I did in SL, and I still try to do so today.

Fact #3: There was once a time when I was embarrassed to walk around SL half clad with prim bits showing! (Certainly not the case anymore!!)

Fact #4: I was once the cat lady in SL. Sad but true. I bred so many KittyCatS that I was throwing things out of my castle to allow for the prims. No worries. My pal Ily intervened. 😀

Fact #5: I’m addicted to hunts and therefore try to stay away. It’s not a problem when there’s like 7 places to hit. But when it gets into the hundreds and thousands, I will go apeshit if I can’t find them all!!!

Fact #6: I have a crazy obsession for masks in SL. I’m not sure why.

Fact #7: I applied for several SL modeling jobs in the past and was never hired for any of them! They all thought I didn’t have the right look lol!

I used some May’s Soul in this post because she has a special touch when it comes to clothing that looks delicate and ethereal, which suited this lovely pale skin from Plastik perfectly.  Not to mention, the colors she uses are just gorgeous.  Check her out!


Hair: Diji Streaked by Ploom
Skin: Astrali Skin: Lune – Shadow by The.Plastik (New from the Skin Faire!)
Eyes: Bliss Mesh Eyes in Aqua by Insufferable Dastard
Parted Lips: Parted Lips No. 7 by Tuli (Free!)
Lashes: Lashes in Black by Tuli (Free!)
Necklace/Earrings: Shell Teardrop Necklace and Earrings in Pearl Green by Maxi Gossamer
Outfit: Eti Camisk in Cream by May’s Soul (The color array is ah-MAY-zing…)
Pose: Random Model Pose by Glitterati

Speak in silent tongues…

This mesh slip dress by Cracked Mirror that was available at FaMESHed in March makes the perfect silky camisk!  I have really become a fan of mesh since it hit the grid, especially for small dresses such as this.  Gone are the days of prims between your avatar legs!

Silver Girl 1

The furniture in the background has been blogged many times but definitely deserves a mention.  Tia is a mesh Gorean furniture creator.  She has recently branched out and made some vintage furniture.  Definitely worth a look and she’s got a few nice hunt items out right now too!

Silver Girl 2

Hair: Magika – Moment
Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – India
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Feet:  Gos Boutique – Barefeet – Flat
Make-Up:  Kosh – Kenos Eye Shadow
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Dress:  Cracked Mirror – Slip Dress (FaMESHed March)

Collar:  Rochambeau – Turian Ring
Jewelry:  May’s Soul – Slave Jewelry

Location:  Village of Maelstrom
Soundtrack:  Empire of the Sun – Standing on the Shore

It just happened this way…

The voices on the ship began to bellow out commands that meant they were close to their destination and would soon make port.  Victoria.  Alura had never been outside of Ar until this journey began.  Her fingers ran over the once beautiful white camisk that hung more loosely than normal over her body.  It had become tattered and dirty since their departure.  The journey had been a long one free of any of the comforts she’d been used to within the house in Ar.  Her sea green eyes scanned out over the other slave girls, some sleeping, some looking anxious, some looking bored and disinterested.  She’d known them all of her life, this was the only life she’d ever known.  That of a slave, of course.  Born into her condition as a bred slave of House Narsheke, a slave training house of Ar.  The owner had recently decided to return this family because his mother had fallen ill or perhaps this was just a convenient excuse to rid himself of his failings in slave trade.  Business had been great at first.  He’d catered to the elite of Ar.  Providing them exotic bred slaves, slaves trained in most any specialty you could want.

He became quite obsessed with the shine of his coin and took an opportunity once to save some on a case of slave wine.  He learned a good lesson that day, don’t purchase wares from a traveling merchant with deals that seem to good to be true.  The slave wine was breeding wine and when he sold the slaves who had had it and their owners returned with pregnant slaves, his reputation was quickly forgotten and replaced with one of lesser favor.  In fact, it’s said that he even had something come out of this errant purchase.

Dock Girl 1

“Rise!  I will present you to the men of Victoria once we reach the docks.  Stretch your legs and find them steady.  If you make a bad show then you will be punished in the most severe fashion. ”  the voice of the round merchant bellowed out of the underbelly of the ship.  Slaves began to rise and stretch their limbs, they’d been on the ship for days, perhaps weeks or months.  Time had become something of little concern.  A pang of panic began to wash over her, this was it.  This day would set her on the course for the remainder of her days and that just seemed daunting…

Dock Girl 2

Hair:  LeLutka – Alice
Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – India
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Feet:  Gos Boutique – Barefeet – Flat
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Dress:  *X*Plosion – Dirty Dress

Flowers:  On a Lark – Quiva Blossoms
Mud:  Overt – Mud (Exclusively on the Marketplace)
Jewelry:  May’s Soul – Leather Jewelry
Belt:  Gor Gurls – Loopy Belt from the Trimmed Outfit

Pose 1 & 2:  Severed Garden

Location:  Village of Maelstrom
Soundtrack: Our Lady Peace – The End is Where we Begin

SoSL Fantasy Blogger Challenge: The Werewolf

1. (in myth or fiction) A person who changes for periods of time into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon.

I wanted to work extra hard this week, bringing you some awesome new look, since the dog has given me way more of a vacation from posting than I needed lol!  Some of these will be part of the SoSL blogger challenge, and some won’t.  I’ve had the perfect vision of what my little werewolf would look like, so this was very simple to bring together.  I wanted her organic and simple with a few little wow factors like stunning amber wolf eyes, beautiful thick hair, and subtle fangs.  And I wanted her to be fully in acceptance of what she was, so even when she isn’t in shift, she wears her wolf mask.  And it was an added little bonus to have the two sweet little red flowers on the boot, kind of an homage to Little Red Riding Hood! 🙂  Thanks to May’s Soul for having the perfect little number, complete with clawed feet for boots!  Credits to follow!


Outfit: Faye by May’s Soul
Hair: Julia in Black01 by Burley
Eyes: Fairy Tale Character Eyes in Honey by Insufferable Dastard
Skin: Linn MedTan BL 04 by Glam Affair
Fangs: Succubus Fangs by Sanu
Lashes: Glam Rock Lashes in Plain by [a.e.meth]
Parted Lips: Parted Lips No. 6 by Tuli
Mask: Strange Wolf Mask by Mutation Industries

Next Challenge: The Genie!

Things Tend to Come Out in the Wash…

This little cutie was released for the Gorean Room awhile back, but luckily it’s still available at the main store. The design does include an adorable laundry basket that’s worn like a backpack, and believe me when I say this thing is cute and great for rp. But the design itself is quite lovely and classically Gorean, which is something that May Tolsen is superb at. I love my beautiful silks and decadence is my middle name, but when it comes to attractive and grungy slave wear, May’s Soul is incomparable. Check her out guys. 🙂


Outfit: Laundry Girl by May’s Soul

Necklace/Earrings: Kaiya in Earth By EarthStones

Hair: Katey Streaked in Blonde by Ploom

Skin: Gio Natural Skin Fall/Winter by Glam Affair

Poses: Various Model poses by Glitterati

Background: The Whirl DreamScene by Garden of Dreams

Who runs the world? Girls.

I hope to knock a few new posts out for you all today, so they aren’t going to be very wordy. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand ramblings. 🙂 Today’s goodie is from May’s Soul. Indulge me. I love the way this gal designs. Credits to follow. Enjoy!

Walking alone (entire outfit shown) by May’s Soul
Hazel hair in Mocha by Truth
Acorn Light Pout Brat II skin by Curio
Parted Lips No. 4 by Tuli
The Cabin DreamScene by Garden of Dreams

I found May’s goodies in the Gorean Room!

If you haven’t heard of the Gorean Room yet that’s okay. But now you have no excuse. The Gorean Room does rounds of releases by supporting designers at fabulously discounted prices. Tons of great items to find here. This week I was stoked to find the Ashanti by May’s Soul hanging on the rack! This design has every element I look for in a good silk. The pretty, the gritty, and the downright sexy. I want to give extra kudos to May Tolsen for her inclusion of the slave ring and broken chain on the collar. That small little detail totally made this look for me! I love the way you think girl!!!! Do yourselves a favor and check into it!

Bed Head hair by Ploom
Jolie Pied Barefoot by SLink
Poses by Glitterati
Pout Brat 2 skin in Acorn by Curio
Fleurs du mal tattoo by IrUrU
Ashanti by May’s Soul (exclusively for the Gorean Room)
The Dungeon DreamScene by Garden of Dreams

May’s Soul Virgin Set!

Yeah.  I’m gonna let the pics do the talking this week.  All you need to know is the basics.  Nom nomness from May’s Soul.  Hells yeah.  L$250 per color set.  Credits below.

Poses by Long Awkward Pose
Mess Hair by lamb!
Skin is 50’s Hunt gift by The.Plastik
Virgin Set by May’s Soul
The Field DreamScene by Garden of Dreams


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