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SoSL Blogger Challenge: Vampire

Vampire 1

I know that I have been terribly neglectful but for good reason.  I have had some health issues that have cropped up on me without warning.  Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon enough.  Roewan came up with the excellent idea to have a blogger challenge to do fantasy avatars.  Vampire is an easy enough one for me because when I first came to SL that’s what I jumped into – being a vampire.  The first community I ever joined was Transylvania’s Vampire Empire and I spent my time there for a long time.

Vampire 2Over the years the sim has changed and I moved on.  I enjoyed seeing the changes there while I took these pictures.  My vampire character has been one of my favorite characters I have roleplayed.  I enjoy roleplaying vampires in the style that Laurell K. Hamilton writes them.  I am toying around with a new shape, what do you think?  I haven’t decided if it’s ‘me’ or not yet.

Hair:  redMint – no 15’13 (from Hair Fair 2013)
Skin:  Glam Affair – Luria 05 (from a past Arcade)
Eyes:  Ikon – Vanity Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner no. 3
Teeth:  Tuli – Parted Lips (Vampire)

Skirt:  Bilo – Bahra Mermaid Skirt
Corset:  League – Nyx Corset

Peircings:  Hebenon Vial – Against the Stream
Choker & Bracelets:  The Plastik – Dena’ina
Tattoo:  Letis Tattoo – Grumium
Blood:  Soedara – Bloody Smear (Part of Aarica Fallen Daughter)

Poses:  !bang

Location:  Vampire Empire
Soundtrack:  Queen of the Damned Soundtrack – System

Don’t You Love Her Madly?


I’ve been itching for True Blood to come back, and  it’s not that far away!  Seeing the Season 6 preview got me all vampnotized, and I just had to do a post for it.  Kudos to League for always having a variety of clothing styles that you really can’t find anywhere else.  It’s not exactly hippie, it’s not exactly retro, but it’s soft and delicate, and sexy in all the right ways.  She satisfies my hobo tooth every time!  Credits to follow!  (And on a side note:  Sorry it took so long to get some posts out guys, the laptop went all rogue on me!)


Hair: Lykie with Roots in Blood by Truth
Eyes: Vaele Collection: Galaxia – REia by The.Plastik
Skin: Astrali Skin Basic: Jupite – Shadow with Freckle layer by The.Plastik (Skin Faire 2013!!)
Prop/Pose Set: Pearls V.1 by Glitterati
Shoes: Burlesque Boots by Gos
Clothes: Sakura Corset & Lingerie Set by League
Necklace: The Raven Necklace Set by League
Vamp Chompers: Hamby Teeth by label mode (Only on Marketplace!)

I’ve joined a League of gypsies…

Something a little fantasy for you today! I am so digging the fashion that League is popping out here lately! There’s a definite gypsy flair to the pieces that we’re seeing on the vendors now. Let’s start with the Nomad Maxi Skirt, shown here in Floral/Cream. This bi-layered skirt is available in 8 sold colors and 8 patterned options (also available in fatpacks). They feature serene earthtones, flowing style, braided hemp belts with tassel options. I love the flattering hipster fit as well as the flowing look of the fabric, and I know that you can mix and match this skirt with so many things to create your own unique look. If there’s one thing that matters when the Lindens are low, it’s versatility. Next I added the Seashell blouse, shown here in Brown.  This top features a single button closure, giving us a very “daring” neckline,  and sweet little lace style cutouts throughout.   To top it all off, I added the Raven necklace.  I’m a long time fan of crows, so this necklace was a must have.  It comes with three ribbon color options, and reminds me of the vintage cameo necklaces.  Paired up with the new Cosine hair from Analog Dog and the earthy Audri Caramel Crow skin from Atomic my gypsy maiden is complete!  The gypsy look is so easy to compile and make your own, and it definitely has a mystical flair to it.  Have fun finding your own gypsy look!  Remember, beads and coins and earthy colors and keep that free spirit attitude!  Credits to follow!

Nomad Skirt/Seashell Blouse/Raven Necklace – League

Cosine Hair – Analog Dog

Audri Crow skin in Caramel – Atomic

The Fountain (New DreamScene!) – Garden of Dreams

Poses – Glitterati

Making Nice with the Natives…

When I got on the trail of finding fabulous rp wear four years ago I admit my sights were narrow.  I figured silks and rp wear would only be found at stores who only specialized in that sort of product.  Now that I’m a little less green in SL and have broadened my SL horizons, I know to never pass up a store because it has blazers and cargo pants in the window.  Some of the most awesome rp items can be found at stores that deal mainly in everyday wear.  Case in point:  League.  The store became SL famous for their beautiful skins and their awesome sexy grunge wear, but there’s a side of League that caters to us rp savvy folk!  There’s some very nice (and beautifully rendered) items there that are finding their way into rp scenes the grid over.  I totally dug the Native Dress and Native Jewelry set when they came out.  The color and texture is beautifully done, the sculpted bits hang perfectly and needed no adjustment (keep in mind that all shapes are different and some adjustments may be needed), and the jewelry set was perfect with it’s teeth and feathers and leather thong.  The sets are sold individually with the dress running L$245 and the jewelry set running L$145.  I’ll be showing more goodies from League in the future, but in the meantime get your pixels down there and see what they have to offer!

Native Dress and Jewelry: League
Lady Hair in Black: Bishwear
Skin by the.Plastik

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