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Why do I blog?

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I’ve been reading Berry’s Memes over the past few weeks because the woman amazes me with her blog.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way lol.  She’s the one blogger that other bloggers would probably build a statue of and sacrifice review copies to for more readers or better photos. 😛  I love the memes and I think it’s a great way for us to get to know the bloggers out there and their perspectives.  Here’s my latest contribution to the blogger memes!

  1. How long have you been blogging?  Since July 2008  (Holy. Shit.)
  2. Why did you start blogging?   A long time ago, I fell in love with the Second Life and its ability to allow artists to create absolutely anything their minds could fathom.  I watched SL grow and become filled with beautiful things that I could never have seen in RL.  And my favorite was always RP.  The ability to explore another facet of yourself and to express yourself appearancewise in ways that aren’t possible in RL.  SL gave me wings one day and demon horns the next.  I was hooked and I wanted to share it.
  3. How many times a week do you post an entry?  I try to post once a week at least, but as we all know RL comes first and sometimes I just won’t allow it.
  4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis?  A handful on a regular basis, but I love to browse tons of different blogs.  If I read it over and over again, it’s listed on blogs we love or blogs I follow. 🙂
  5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs?  I try to, yes.
  6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have?   All the friggin’ time.  I log in several times a day to see if anyone has dropped by!  It’s silly!!
  7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote?   Absolutely never.  Oh, I’ve certainly received flack over some things that I’ve written, but I won’t ever insult my readers by playing he said she said games, posting crap, or being a bigot.  It just won’t happen.
  8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? Yes I do.
  9. Do you blog under your real name?   No, I blog under my avatar name, Roewan Kline.
  10. Are there topics that you would never blog about?   Yes, I’ve been approached several times over the years about things that I blog, mainly people talking crap about another person’s work, but if I don’t think it has some merit, I don’t post it, and I’ll never be ugly or critical about things that I can’t even do.  So, for future reference, never approach me and ask me to tear someone else down.  It won’t happen.
  11. What is the theme/topic of your blog?   Roleplay Fashion/Sims/etc.
  12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why? No I don’t, I’m too enslaved to this one lol!
  13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging?
    I meet the most amazing, talented people on the grid.  I can’t name them all, but people like ILYUSHIN TZEDEK (I love this murf!!), Solange Cerveau, Surreal LeShelle, Evangeline Miles, Talyn Barrett, Songfeather Starr, Delora Starbrook, Celadori Sakai, Tyr Rozenblum, Etalena Lane, Sabina Takakura, Vaelian, Cymoril Lightfoot, and so so many others (forgive me if I didn’t say your name here), and I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to their art and their unique ways of thinking, and sometimes even asked for my opinion, which is a truly amazing experience.  I also get to meet other bloggers and enjoy their art, which I love just as much.  (Strawberry, Beks, Alura, etc.!)
  14. So, why do you continue to blog?   Because I live in a podunk town with the world a thousand miles away from me.  But here, I can explore, I can experience, and with this blog I can reach out and hopefully spread my love of art to someone else who feels just like me.  ART IS LIFE.  And it’s something we must cultivate if we want it to thrive. 🙂

As for the clothing in this pic, I wanted to showcase something by Soedara.  They have just beautiful clothing there, and it’s nice to see a new silk maker out in SL and holding it’s own with the big dogs!  It’s needless to say that the game runners in the silk business have certainly changed and it’s getting harder and harder to find sexy silks out there, but people like Soedara are still amazing us with their sexy designs!  And by the way if you haven’t checked into EXXESS lately, then you should.  The woman is churning out some badass mesh hair!!  See credits!


Silks: Sekushii in Black by Soedara

Hair:  Vesna in Electric Blue by EXXESS

Eyes:  Essentials Eyes in Golden Hazel by Insufferable Dastard

Skin:  Astrali Skin in Saturne – Shadow by The.Plastik

Poses:  Milliner by Glitterati

Face Tat:  Soul Ink Reloaded – Bren by The.Plastik

EXXESS Outcast Set!

The new Outcast set is now available from EXXESS! This cute little number features a sweetheart top that slinks down into a sexy silk! It comes with matching panty, sexy silver thighbands and armbands, matching gunslinger style boots, silver hair jewelry, collar and gorgeous silver belly chain! I absolutely love the beading that you see on the front and back of the top! Colors available include: Black, Red (pictured), and Pink!


EXXESS Vishous Set!

I never get tired of seeing what EXXESS owner/designer Layja Vidor can come up with next! The Vishous set is an older release but sexy nonetheless! The Vishous set features a cute one piece top that has a keyhole side with cute beaded trim and sewn from very lovely shimmery fabric! It also features a silver waistband detail on the side, sexy matching boots, and full length open-front skirt! This set can be worn as a silk as a cami, or for any occasion you see fit! Great textures, and awesome details! Also has matching silver arm and thighbands and silver detailed wrist wraps! Colors available include: Black, Pink, and Green (pictured)! Only L$500 per color set!


EXXESS Nephthys Set!

EXXESS has an amazing new set out called the Nephthys! This set has a sexy egyptian feel with it’s bold colors, decadent gold work, ornamental nature, and the awesome Hathor headpiece! I instantly fell in lust with this set! It comes complete with spiked collar, facial decoration, Hathor crown, ornamental top, thighbands, armbands, gauntlets, silk skirt, and matching boots! You won’t find a look like this anywhere else! Perfect for those of us who love to look decadent from time to time! L$600 for the set! You’ll love how the center of the crown swirls around hypnotically!


EXXESS Sabbath Set!

I finally figured out what EXXESS means. It means above the ordinary… more than just common… sinfully in excess! I just can’t help myself in this store. Every now and again I see something that just screams “hey! I could wear that as a silk!” but more than that, I see a lovely, highly ornamental design that defies the norms and pushes our ideas of sexy to the grungy yet glammy limits! The Sabbath set is one that I’ve had my eye on for months! I loved the peacock fanfare of the skirt and the fabulous ornamental design that was worked into each piece with lovely glittering silver. A fabulous mix of old world decadence with new age grunge! The set comes with lovely frayed skirt with metal waistband, lovely lace see thru halter top, beaded collar with silver chain fringe, lace leggings with beaded wrap detail and sexy fan accents at the thighs, matching lace panty with black widow tattoo detail, lace gloves with beaded detail and fan accents, silver dancing fans, matching silver heels, and fan detail circlet! A beautiful vision that is reminscent of the court slaves of ancient empires! For things of treasured beauty that were meant to be as much a pleasure to see as to be entertained by! I also found that this ornate hairstyle, “Shanxi” also available from EXXESS (L$250 per color set), matched it up perfectly! L$600 for the Sabbath set!


EXESS Asena Huntress Set!

Ummm…. yeah. Just let this one wash over you for a minute or two. Cuz…. WOW. The Asena Huntress set is chock full of all the wonderful detail and thoughtful design that we’ve come to love from EXXESS!! This set features a ripped stretch leather top, sexy leather pelt fringe bracelets, wicked dagger style armbands with amazing scripted movement and wild claw accents, shaggy leather fringe calf boots, braided rope and pelt loin cloth with tribal tooth detail, leather thong panty, three-ring collar with poison bottle attachment, and perhaps the best detail of the entire set… the leather thighband with six heart-shaped poison bottles! Not only do these little bottles feature shrunken skulls and wicked tooth and claw accents, but you can even watch the devilish poisons swirling and changing in the bottles! The subtle glow of certain pieces gives it an ethereal mood! This set is incredible! Perfect fit right out of the box and it looks AMAZING on! This is definitely my favorite panther set to date! Don’t miss out on the designs at EXXESS! L$600 for the set!


EXXESS Cyber Set!

Warrior? Slave? Wizard? Drow? The Cyber set works for anyone! If you like your wear with a little more butt-kicking feel that is! Layja Vidor created this little warrior set with all the details we’ve come to expect from her designs! Silver metal ribbed corset top with matching panty and draping fringe back that is definitely *in my opinion* silk-like in design! The back of the skirt features a metal spike detail that accents the back of the piece without being overwhelming! You also get matching knee high boots, perfect for putting foot to butt :D! But the real killer here? The armbands! They start right beneath the shoulder and extend all the way down to the hands covered in razor edged spikes all the way down and ending in a wicked set of Wolverine-ish claws! The best thing is, this set is versatile, it can be ready for any sim you’re ready for! L$500 for the set!


EXXESS Mirror Set!

Some people just love to go against the grain.
Some people just love to stand out.
I’m definitely one of those people.
That’s primarily what led me to EXXESS in the first place! This store has some of the most amazing “heavy metal” wear that I have ever seen! And to my utter delight I found that some of the designs could pass as silks and even panther wear! A little something different for the edgier girl! Owner/Designer Layja Vidor has never claimed to make Gorean wear, she says, “My designer are for everyone and anyone!” And it certainly shows in her work! I stumbled upon the Mirror set, one of her new releases, sometime last week, and my brain immediately dinged *camisk!* This set of course was not designed as a camisk, but I think you could see what I was thinking! I instantly fell in love with the heavy metal thighbands, and the see-through lace corset with its sexy fringed edges! And if you want to take it on the wild side, slip on the knee high boots, sexy tattoo, and gauntlet style wrist cuffs! Available in Silver (pictured) and Blue for only L$500 per set!


EXXESS Egyptian Silks!

Layja Vidor has been hard at work putting a new spin on an old release and the work has really paid off! The Egyptian silks are absolutely stunning! Shimmering gold fabric, stunning gold metal work, eye catching textures on every piece! Comes with full silk skirt, legbands, wrist braces, matching collar, armbands, hieroglyph bellyring, and even matching heels! This set perfectly reflects all the majesty of ancient Egypt! Get it for only L$500!


EXXESS Jungle Set!

For the panther who wants more coverage, EXXESS has the Jungle set! Strips of ripped leather and sheer fabric pieced together with bold leather armbands, legbands, belt and anklets to make this down and dirty set! Perfect for hunting or just causing a little mayhem! L$400 for the set! Make your own tracks ladies!


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