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Norrathian memories…

The new Taylor tunic from The Sweet Pea reminded me of my days in EverQuest.  I had many adventures in Norrath and many great roleplay stories.  It was someone whom I met in Norrath that eventually lead me to Second Life, but that’s a story for another day.

Archer 1

The lovely tunic comes with a pair of matching over-the-knee boots.  I paired it with some armor from Innocuous from a past We ❤ RP event.  The tunic is very easy to accessorize with just about anything, making it easy to make it unique to your avatar.

Archer 2

Hair:  LeLutka – Lorella
Skin:  Belleza – Ava Best Buy June
Eyes:  Ikon – Vanity Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Nuuna – Make-up v12
Hands:  SLink – Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands with Applier

Tunic & Boots:  Sweet Pea – Taylor
Leggings:  Truth – Xanadu Leggings (No longer available)

Armor:  Innoc – Shell Outer Armor (Past We ❤ Roleplay)
Circlet:  Bina – Rita Circlet

Poses:  DLuxx

Location:  Realm of Estara
Soundtrack:  Fatboy Slim – Weapon of Choice

A dream of life again…

Moving, unpacking, computer and internet issues finally seem to be resolved!  The good news is I was able to keep up with shopping during the entire moving mess.  Now, just to blog my overflowing inventory.

There have been several chalwars released lately.  The first that I am going to blog is one of the two released from BINA.  It’s an elegant yet simple chalwar with its own jewelry and veil included!  It also includes tango appliers for the boob lovers out there.  When I saw this chalwar I was instantly reminded of one of my longtime favorite chalwars from Solange.  I have added a few accents of that chalwar to this look.

“From one side a slave girl, barefoot, bangled, in sashed, diaphanous, trousered, chalwar, gathered at the ankles, in tight, red-silk vest, with bare midriff, fled to him, with the tall, graceful, silvered pot containing the black wine. She was veiled.” Tribesman of Gor P. 88

Red Chalwar 1

The jewelry is amazing that’s included, it comes with bracelets, earrings, a veil with jewel (and a jewel without if you prefer), armbands, earrings, and a belly jewel (not pictured).  If you like chalwars or just want a change in pace from silks I would definitely not miss this release.

Red Chalwar 2

I thought it might be fun to participate in Strawberry Singh‘s memes as I catch up on all the outfits I have to blog.  I am going to work backwards so the first one is the haiku.  Now, don’t laugh, writing a haiku is harder than it seems.

Shopping is my love.
Roleplay is my other love.
Virtual dress-up.

And there you have it!  My haiku about my virtual life, which really does consist of just shopping and roleplay!

Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Alicia
Skin:  Glam Affair – Margot – India (Available only at Collaborator88 May)
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Glam Affair – Leah Lipstick 21 and Pekka Metallic Under Eyeliner
Boobies:  Lolas – Tangos  with Glam Affair appliers
Feet:  SLink – Avatar Enhancement Flat Mesh Feet with Glam Affair appliers!
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Vest & Belt:  Solange – Kadin
Main Outfit and Accessories:  BINA – Zaya Chalwar

All Accessories:  BINA – Zaya

Pose 1 & 2:  Glitterati – Triumph

Location:  Privately Owned Land
Soundtrack:  Florence + the Machine – Breath of Life

Bina: Back With a Bang!

Not only is Bina back in action, but owner/designer Cymoril Lightfoot is popping out sexier-than-ever designs! I’m digging this new Kirtle/Cami/Kini set that matched up perfectly with my new Miss Leo skins from CStar! Make sure you check out Bina’s new locale. If you aren’t familiar with her designs, then get familiar. She started the shaggy kirtle look and has been churning out sexy rp wear long enough to be a legend in the biz. And she’s doing a photo contest! Who doesn’t want to win sexy new clothes and some $L in the process! DO IT NOW! Details below and credits to follow! MUAH!

    Bina Flickr Contest

All of the rest of August we will be having a BINA Flickr photo Contest!
Competition entries must be submitted before midnight on August 31, 2012.

What’s up for grabs:

➩ Top 3 Winners will receive a free BINA fat pack of their choice.

➩ Runner Up Will receive 1k Lindens in addition to a fat pack of their choice.

➩ Grand Prize Winner will receive (in addition to the fat pack of their choice) 3k Lindens.

➩ And if that’s not enough, every person who enters will get a set of rawry Real Nipples, and the optional jewelry on them will ONLY be available for BINA Flickr contest entrants.. I will not sell them, ever! And they are hawwwt.

We have a small panel of BINA staff who will rate on the following:

Creativity ~ This is where your talent and mad skillz come in!
Originality ~ Something not seen a zillion times is good!
Theme ~ Does it keep to the BINA raw and realistic mood for example.
Content ~ Intriguing/sexy/scrumptious/funny subject matter etc. Stand out!
Brand ~ It should be apparent what the poster is for!

How to submit your work:

➊ Create your image or images (Limit is *5* entries per person!)
➋ Log in to Flickr! You will need to create a Flickr account if you don’t have one already.
➌ Go to
➍ Upload your work!
➎ NAMING is Very important.. If it is incorrectly named, it will not be included:
BINA 2912 Flickr Contest (Entry # 1-5) by (SL Name)
SOoo…. correct naming of a pic should look like:
BINA 2912 Flickr Contest #1 by Cymoril Lightfoot
➏ Please remember… Contest submission deadline is midnight on August 31, 2012!

The fineprint:

✪ All work must be original and YOURS.
✪ Prize fatpacks are giftable to a single person.
✪ Winners will be announced within a week of contest close.
✪ By submitting your work you are giving me permission to use them to promote the store any way I see fit (I will not sell your work, and all credit will be given to you).
✪ Make sure your image is high resolution!! Aspect ratio does not matter. Nothing smaller than 512×512! Images at least 1024×1024 and larger is preferred.

THANK YOU cause I Know there are some hella talented people out there, and I am really excited to see what you all come up with!

(from left to right)

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Gold by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Golden by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Exotics in Honey by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Sunrise by CStar

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Green by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Grass by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Greens in Emerald by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Lime by CStar

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Teal by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Deep Ocean by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Greens in Teal by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Satin by CStar

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Purple by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Orchid by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Violets in Lavender by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Violet by CStar

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Red by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Cinnamon by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Exotics in Honey by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Sunscorched by CStar

Outfit: Nina Kirtle in Blue by Bina
Hair: Hawk 2 in Storm by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Real Eyes Blues in Violent Blue by Bina
Skin: Miss Leo in Moonlight by CStar

BINA Closing, 50% off Sale ENDING SOON

I really should have gotten this in here sooner… but yes you read that right.  If you hadn’t heard– BINA is closing.

From Designer Cymoril Lightfoot:

Greetings lovely people!
Because of several factors, I am forced to close the in-world store for BINA.
I will be getting every thing up on xstreet as time allows (Some items are available there already, but not all). I had many plans for BINA including a mens line, and more pirate/fantasy styled clothing, and will still release those, eventually. but it will be on xstreet only, and I can’t give any dates.
This subscription group will also be closed, but the normal SL group for BINA will remain open. It is simply named, “Bina” and can be found in my list of groups on my profile.
To my friends, testers, my wonderful models, and dear customers.. and all who have supported me in the last few years, I thank you. You have fed my family, paid my rent, and I hope you have lived and loved in my creations… They have been my passion for the last long while.. Who can say they have truly done what they wanted to do for a living? I am blessed indeed, and am looking toward the future with anticipation.. the building bug always bites again ; )
BINA will be closing In world on the 30th of August, and everything in the shop is half off until then. After that please look for in on xstreet.
Thanks again,
Cymoril Lightfoot

Greetings lovely people!
So heres your chance to walk away with a steal on these amazing BINA creations people.  Do not delay, only a few days left.

I’m personally traumatized so I’ll make this short and sweet!

Tarn Ride to Bina


Did you know that its gorfest?  Well shame on you if you didn’t!

*properly chastises*  OKIE well! Since that’s done.  Heads up all goreans!

*** GorFest & Merchant Fair 2010 July 4th – 11th ***
Brought to you by
Goreans in the Relay For Life
Sponsored by:
EMO-tions & SpellBound
Join us for 8 full days of fun, music, live concerts, dancing and other entertainment along with our “Oasis of Hope Market”, a showcase of the best Gorean Creators in SL featuring some of their most fantastic designs, many at a discount, with the proceeds to benefit  the Relay For Life to fight cancer.
This years GorFest will run from July 4th to July 11th with live entertainment each day from 12pm to 8pm SLT while the market will remain open all day and night.
We have a lot planned this year from the best DJ’s around to storytellers and poets, fortune tellers, musicians, singers, dancers and the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen every hour on the 4th of July.
Make sure you join us!

Of course Cymoril Lightfoot from BINA has created two exclusive versions of her Manuella and Tende  AVAILABLE AT GORFEST ONLY!

This is the Tende in a special *RFL PINK*

Yours for only 365L!  All the tende goodies for a GREAT CAUSE

also available is a special Manuella in *RFL BLUE*

Currently available for 500L in the RFL vendor at the BINA Booth!

Plenty to see, plenty to do, don’t forget to check it out!


BINA’s Jezzie’s ‘Wagon Dress’ + 25L Tuesdays, and a SUPER SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Greetings lovelies!  Its been ages since I’ve been around but what a way to come back.  A complete banging success from BINA!

Today, Cymoril Lightfoot, BINA Genius (*cough*bias*cough*) Designer releases Jezzie’s Wagon dress!

Those of you who have sought out a garment for a woman of the plains will back me up here, I think–its TOUGH.  Finding a high quality one? Nearly impossible until now.  Shown above is a completely black version.  This is a RARE, LIMITED TIME OFFER. In the store there are 20 black bags at the landing point.  Each costs 2000L.  There will be -NO- more than 20 of these on the grid!!  At the time of this post they had only just been put out and there was already only 18 remaining! So do not delay!

Another thing you need to rush in to pick up is the 25L Tuesday item!  Today only, Jun 8 2010 you can buy these highly detailed birth stone posts in store:

but back to the main show…. Jezzie’s wagon dress.  The official release includes the following color options:






and red!

Each color costs  $599 L, fat packfor $2900 L (saving $694 L)

each comes with 18 Pieces!:

2 Dress tops (shirt and undershirt layers)

Glitch pants

2 Prim (sculpted) sleeves

Prim (sculpted) boots

1 Prim Skirt

1 Prim Belt (with tons of RP details, pictured below)

Gold nose ring with several attachment options

1 Scripted necklace

Check out the pics:

RP items: bag similar to one you’d see in eastern india, a jade comb, keys, and on the rear… a cooking spoon and useful knife, both of which often described in the books!

Also, straight from Cymoril (because this is one of those gems of her creations that I’m still drooling over!):

The scripted necklace, an item influenced straight out of nomads.. the free women were not allowed to worship, but they did pay haruspexes (a type of holy man) to read their future or supply them with charms/talismans. Colored, knotted strings to wear around the neck were used in this example from the books, with stones that have natural holes in them. These types of stones have been considered magical for many cultures throughout time. I added carved bone beads and 2 kaiila claws for this magical fetish necklace. It is scripted to color change so you can rp wearing a color in accordance with your rp story (red for love, gold for money, green for health, etc!).

Now go!!!  And don’t forget to slap the MMs, sit on a few lucky chairs and hit up the camping poles! New items!


BINA’s ‘Tende’

The wheels just don’t stop when it comes to bina and I must admit hanging my head that I am sooo super late in keeping up with all the amazing reveals!  I’m told theres some more stuff on the way and goodness-gracious I have to wonder if Miss Cymoril Lightfoot ever sleeps.

If she doesn’t…. Bina’s latest release “Tende” proves her efforts are well worth it:

I have honestly been wearing at LEAST one piece from this garment -everywhere- I go.  I mean -everywhere-.  The curled pick earrings never leave my ears.

Each Tende comes with *takes another of her famous Bina big breaths* TWENTY PIECES:

2 Bracelets

1 Pair Earrings

2 Anklets

1 Prim Waist POuch

1 Prim Skirt tie

1 Forest flower (in THREE attachment points)

1 Bina necklace set (in TWO attachment points)

Slave Rags top and bottom ****on ALL layers*

This looks so amazing on and the colors are diverse past the traditional BTB Schendi-style red that the garment is based on.  Its 365L each color set or get the steal of a fatpack for 1700L (pictured below in Cymoril’s official ad because … well because she looks hot in it! and it shows all the great options!)

Don’t delay!  As always theres camping poles, lucky chairs and MM boards that I’m told by some of my smexy fellow bina girls that are locking down heavily lately!


BINA’s ‘Unlikely Urt’

In case you’ve been living under a hole recently and not been back to BINA…. you might not have peeped this goodness!

From the words of Cymoril Lightfoot, Bina Designer:

A little love for mah less well to do peeps!
This outfit was born out of love for crinolines (the wire frame skirt). I have always loved corsets, bustles, crinolines, bloomers, etc.
So i got started on the crinoline and the bustle and it sort of took off on its own.. (…)  did you see the ruffles. THE RUFFLES.
There are several cute little details added to this ensemble. The hobo stick is scripted to work with your AO, just wear it and you are off. It works sitting too. Also say “lantern on/off,” to control lantern flame. The top has 2 options, mature and pg.. and they could be used as camisks for the girl who doesn’t mind *really* short camisks. (….) And the printed paper necklace is.. kinda.. surprising..”
*trapses around all of gor looking for thralls to bop on the head with her hobostick*
So the stats ladies and gents?  *takes a deep breath* SIXTEEN PIECES including:
1 FW Modesty shirt (shirt layer)
2 Urt tops (jacket layer, PG and Mature versions)
1 Pair Bloomers (pants)
1 pair stockings (socks)
2 pair shoes (shoe layer)
1 pair gloves
1 prim muffin hat
1 prim crinoline skirt
1 prim pair shoes
1 prim paper bead necklace
1 prim pair bloomer bottoms (for wearing bloomers alone)
1 prim pair shoe tops (for wearing shoes alone)
1 prim pair bloomer/shoe tops
1 prim wormy pear (mouth)
1 prim hobo stick w/lantern
*try clicking to enlarge here for more detailed view*
………..all of that.  all of it.  in all its glory.  in all the crazy amount of options…. for 720L each.  or snag the fatpack for 3,500L!  Here’s just a few of the combinations I could make with the days of the week themed packs!  (CLICK TO ENLARGE!)
Go see for yourself, the easter egg hunt might still be up if you rush over, and as always–camping poles, MM, lucky chairs!

BINA’s ‘Manuella’ begs us for a sexy spring!

Whew.  I don’t know about all of you guys but I’m dying to climb out of my kirtle for a few and slip into something a little more… comfortable if you know what I mean? *wink wink nudge nudge*  Leave it to Cymoril Lightfoot, Bina Designer to read my mind.

From Cymoril:

“For the sultry slave girls, we bring you the silk tunic, “Manuella.” Barely-there fabric and skimpy bodice in Easter egg colors (plus brown and black for those who prefer more subdued shades) to delight the senses. Trimmed with freshwater pearls, faceted green glass beads, blown-glass flowers, and small golden beads. As always, there are many ways to wear this ravishing outfit!  $500L each, or steal 3 free colors when you buy the fatpack for only $1,899L.”

Can you say…. *flails!!!*  ahem.  Well. We all know I can.  I snuck into my partner, Darby Dollinger’s slavehouse in Salernum for this one, but something tells me he wouldn’t have minded to come home and see that next to his fireplace.

The goldenrod was my favorite, it made me think of a threadbare pagaslut look that crawled home and right into their owners lap.  Very very sexy.  The great thing about this, as with all the creations you’ll ever find at BINA (seriously!)  is its VERSATILITY!  I can’t say it enough.  Something in every outfit for everyone.  Check out just a handful of the mixings I made with all the colors:

You’ll find the corset on the jacket layer, the sheer on shirt/pants layer and a pair of ruffled panties that leave little to the imagination.

and oh yes, that IS three different skirt options you’re seeing!!

Another great idea my brilliantly styled fashion mind (heh, right) came up with was some mixing and matching!  I paired the shirt/pants layer on the pink with a skirt and sash from the purple.  Great variety!

Then lets not forget the accessories!

Shown: Hairpins, Bracelets, Anklets, Toe Ring, Thigh Pouch, Earring  (didn’t get a closeup of the armlet, but trust me, its epic)

*takes a breath*

tell me you don’t loooveeee it?

Check out BINA in its new location, don’t forget to update your LM’s folks!!!  New stuff in the chairs, MM and camping poles as well!!

Tarn Ride to Bina

BINA Pudding Kirtle

Well first of all Happy Holiday Season to everyone!  Whatever you may be celebrating (even if its just an excuse to eat great food and have a few drinks!) I hope you’re having a good time 🙂

Despite the craaaaaazzzzzyyyy amount of good stuff Cymoril Lightfoot, Bina Owner and Designer put out for christmas for us all–she has a new release!!!

Bina Pudding Kirtle!

(Unbleached Version Shown, Kirtle Length, Taken at Bina Sim!)

When I was dropped this a while back (*coughs and is a LITTLE bit slow thanks to too much holiday fun*)  I fell in love!!!  Most of us northern girls know all about kirtles and camisks, of course, but this new option is completely gush worthy!  It’s warm and soft looking while still giving the torn hard working bond look that is great for all your roleplay needs!

These next pictures are of the ‘clean’ vs. ‘dirty’ versions and all the color options you can find at BINA!  Left is the dirty, be sure to check on the breast area and one of the underarms for the worn parts if you can’t spot the ‘dirty’ 🙂

Red, CAMISK Version in Dirty and Clean versions

Black!  Same deal 🙂

Blue!  (apparently I loved the camisk versions!)



A very rich purple!

The Unbleached Camisk Version like pictured above!

AND! Who can forget? The traditional white!

Of course t his comes with all the bina favorite accessories!  The belt on each set is different and all the sculpted pouches that hang from it are varying colors!

Each set comes with a pair chunky gold earrings with a corresponding stone featured as well

and of course each kirtle/camisk set  comes with some protection for your feet in those snowbanks you’ll be dashing around!!

So cute and functional.  I love the additional pieces that come along and aid in all your fine roleplay garment needs!   Sounds a bit canned but SO TRUE.  I like not having to RP frozen toes!  🙂

Each color set costs 428L or you can snag a fatpack of ALL the colors for 2498.  I’m told theres a special color coming out soon so keep your peepers peeled for that too!!!!


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