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GoT Evie’s?


Still loving the Game of Thrones sim. Hopefully you’re all keeping up with the show because it’s truly addicting!! I was totally tickled pink when Evie’s Closet released this gown for a ridiculously wonderful price. This woman can still make me buy sculpt and flex in a mesh SL world! To me, that’s truly a testament to her skill. She just makes beautiful clothes, and she never fails to make things stunning. From her color choices to the lines of her creations, this lady knows fashion. 🙂 Thanks Evie for making my day with this gown!! This is my tribute to Cersei Lannister, my favorite bad girl at the moment. George knew what he was doing when he created this twisted beauty! Enjoy!


Gown: Cersei Gown in Pink by Evie’s Closet
Circlet: Arachzis Circlet (Part of the Arachzis Horns set) by The.Plastik
Hair: Sybille Mesh Hair in Golden by Wasabi Pills
Skin: Mary Natural (Past TDR Offer) By Glam Affair
Eyes: Shades of Green 1 (Past VIP gift) by Insufferable Dastard
Poses: Formality Pose Pack by Glitterati

Get a Little Plastik in Your Life!



That’s right. It’s all Plastik. 😀 If that doesn’t showcase some amazing talent, then I don’t know what does.
Mesh and sexy, and all corset like and just yum.  Really, really yum.
But I like to let the pictures speak for themselves.
Think about me while I’m stuck at work all weekend!!

❤  Roe


Hair: Naamah Hair in Bleach
Eyes: Astrali Mesh Eyes in Hirdian
Boots: Arke Boots – Betty
Skin: Astrali Skin [Basic]://Europa-Shadow (Showcased at the Skin Faire, Now available in store!)
Tat: Haila Tattoo Addon – Feather Lip
Collar: Dena’Ina Collar – Cross
Ears: Arkenea Ears – Dragon/Gauged
Dresses: The Pandora Dresses
All by The.Plastik

Pose Prop: Boxy by Glitterati

“Love of Beauty is Taste…”



“The creation of beauty is art.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I fell completely in love with this gown the first time I laid eyes on it.  Jade Winthrope never fails to amaze me with the beautiful things she creates.  Her designs are always so rich in color.  Just gorgeous.  And nevermind the fact that she generously gives out group gift ALL THE TIME!!!  Anyway, hope you enjoy it!


Hair: Crazy in Love in Marone by Exile
Gown: Mesh Princess Glitter Gown in Silvermoon by Epic
Horns: Aishwa Horns by Lemon Tea
Tattoo: Soul Ink Reloaded Nesa Tattoo by The.Plastik
Eyes: Mermaid Mesh Eyes in Teal by Insufferable Dastard (VIP group gift!)
Lips: Parted Lips No. 3 by Tuli (Free!)
Necklace/Earrings: Keshi Pearl Heart in Pink by Maxi Gossamer
Skin: Margot Skin in America 05 by Glam Affair (New at Collabor88!)
Poses: Random poses from Glitterati

My 7 Facts! Thanks Berry!



I like the blogger challenges. It affords us all much needed insight and inspiration to write. Strawberry Singh has a lovely little challenge on her blog right now, having to do with seven facts about our individual SL lives. I thought this would be cute. So silently judge away! 😀

Fact #1: I am six years old in SL. HOLY CRAP.

Fact #2: I love to rp in SL. It is the first thing I did in SL, and I still try to do so today.

Fact #3: There was once a time when I was embarrassed to walk around SL half clad with prim bits showing! (Certainly not the case anymore!!)

Fact #4: I was once the cat lady in SL. Sad but true. I bred so many KittyCatS that I was throwing things out of my castle to allow for the prims. No worries. My pal Ily intervened. 😀

Fact #5: I’m addicted to hunts and therefore try to stay away. It’s not a problem when there’s like 7 places to hit. But when it gets into the hundreds and thousands, I will go apeshit if I can’t find them all!!!

Fact #6: I have a crazy obsession for masks in SL. I’m not sure why.

Fact #7: I applied for several SL modeling jobs in the past and was never hired for any of them! They all thought I didn’t have the right look lol!

I used some May’s Soul in this post because she has a special touch when it comes to clothing that looks delicate and ethereal, which suited this lovely pale skin from Plastik perfectly.  Not to mention, the colors she uses are just gorgeous.  Check her out!


Hair: Diji Streaked by Ploom
Skin: Astrali Skin: Lune – Shadow by The.Plastik (New from the Skin Faire!)
Eyes: Bliss Mesh Eyes in Aqua by Insufferable Dastard
Parted Lips: Parted Lips No. 7 by Tuli (Free!)
Lashes: Lashes in Black by Tuli (Free!)
Necklace/Earrings: Shell Teardrop Necklace and Earrings in Pearl Green by Maxi Gossamer
Outfit: Eti Camisk in Cream by May’s Soul (The color array is ah-MAY-zing…)
Pose: Random Model Pose by Glitterati

“The things I do for love…”


Now hopefully you all know the above quote is from Game of Thrones.  If you didn’t, then you should dammit. 🙂  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my art.  My music, my books, my photos and paintings, my movies… they are my the things I hold most dear.  My escapes.  I’m proud to say that the Game of Thrones series (both TV and book)  has joined my shelves and notched a place out in my heart.  I effing love these stories.  They are both fantastic and captivating.  So imagine my surprise when I find that the Seven Kingdoms do in fact exist in SL.  \o/  Definitely a place to check out.  You can join any of the houses, or pick a role that is more common!  From whores to sellswords, the realms allow you to choose your own path!  Check it out peeps.  This is the look I’m fine tuning for my character!  Credits to follow!


Dress: Shaori Dress in Green by Luas Urban Style
Hair: Sigh [03] by Magika
Necklace: Belly Dancer Tariqa Old Gold Necklace by Soedara (This place is REALLY growing on me!!!)
Face Chain: Black Face Chain Captured Snake by Soedara
Eyes: Fairy Tale Character Mesh Eyes in Olive by Insufferable Dastard
Skin: Jadis Tan 04b by Glam Affair
Bangles/Nails: Takara Bracelets and Nails in Inca Gold by Mandala
Lashes: Lashes in Black by Tuli (Now reopen, and this is a free gift sent out today!! Check group notices!)
Poses: Model Pack 30 by Glitterati
Teeth: Parted Lips No. 7 by Tuli (Free!!)
The Realm of Ice and Fire Sim

“There I Perceive Valkyries and Ravens…”


I know I harp on Bare Rose alot, but damn.  The quality of clothes you get there for the insanely good price makes it a tough competitor in the fashion scene.  Plus, now they have sets for Lolas and totally mesh sets. I went to check out their new stuff, then found this.  Then found another twenty sets.  :3  So maybe I have a little shopping problem….  😀

Outfit/Wings: Athena ME by Bare Rose
Hair: Brandy with Roots in Champagne by Truth
Eyes: Mutant Eyes GSP by Insufferable Dastard
Skin: Miss Pisces Light Glitter in Elven Natural by CStar
Poses: Underwater/Model Pack 33 by Glitterati
Lips: Parted Lips No. 4 by Tuli

Don’t You Love Her Madly?


I’ve been itching for True Blood to come back, and  it’s not that far away!  Seeing the Season 6 preview got me all vampnotized, and I just had to do a post for it.  Kudos to League for always having a variety of clothing styles that you really can’t find anywhere else.  It’s not exactly hippie, it’s not exactly retro, but it’s soft and delicate, and sexy in all the right ways.  She satisfies my hobo tooth every time!  Credits to follow!  (And on a side note:  Sorry it took so long to get some posts out guys, the laptop went all rogue on me!)


Hair: Lykie with Roots in Blood by Truth
Eyes: Vaele Collection: Galaxia – REia by The.Plastik
Skin: Astrali Skin Basic: Jupite – Shadow with Freckle layer by The.Plastik (Skin Faire 2013!!)
Prop/Pose Set: Pearls V.1 by Glitterati
Shoes: Burlesque Boots by Gos
Clothes: Sakura Corset & Lingerie Set by League
Necklace: The Raven Necklace Set by League
Vamp Chompers: Hamby Teeth by label mode (Only on Marketplace!)

Welcome Alura!


If you haven’t already noticed… we have a new face!  Alura McCann took me up on my offer for collaborators and I couldn’t have been more pleased to welcome her to the ranks of SoSL!  This blog has been running for awhile now, and I just felt like *damn*.  This blog could be so much better.  But for me to do that, I need new opinions, new points of view, and new style!  I feel confident that she will bring all that and more to SoSL.  So from that squishy place inside that I pretend I don’t have lol, Welcome Alura!!!


Flickr <3


As a blogger for many years now, I really think about my photos and how I want them to look.  I try to think about composition and color, lighting, and theme.  Sometimes, it’s effortless.  Sometimes, I want to punch my pc in the hard drive.  Sometimes, I look at my work and think, “Get  some!”.  Sometimes, “H. Christ, why isn’t this working out better than I thought?!”  Back in the day, we didn’t have Flickr or the feeds like we do now.  Blogging was a relatively new idea.  But I had help and encouragement from other artists and a slew of talented designers who kept me going.  And primarily it was their helpful  comments, suggestions, and even criticisms that kept me doing what I really love.  So to pass a little of that gift on right now, I encourage you guys to get out there and search Flickr for SL art and search the web for blogs and feeds.  You might find yourself pleasantly delighted at some of the amazing work that people put together.  It never fails that when I log into Flickr these days I think “Holy crap, that puts me to shame!”  And I’m talking to you Ponyo, Beks, RandiRoo, n e s s, Anna, The Blogging Elf, Strawberry, Shennn, and oh my gosh so many more that I wish I could name them all here.  But really.  Go enjoy their work.  You’re going to love it!!!

All that being said, a teensy tiny plug for me (as it is my blog and all lol),   I am currently interested in taking on writers/bloggers.  If anyone is interested please please please, send me a notecard inworld.  I want to branch out, get more points of views, more art, and make this blog more interesting for everyone!  Keep in mind that it’s a labor of love.  I don’t pay anyone to write, because NONE of us get paid to do this.  We do it because we love it.  Keep in mind also that I will want to see some photography samples and I definitely will want to know a bit about you and why you want to blog.  I can’t wait to meet you!


Top: Mariner Top by Parabellum (Unavailable at this time, sorry guys!)
Skirt: Low Rise Boho Mesh Skirt in Cocoa by Aura (Now Auxillary)
Skin: Astrali Skin in Mercure by The.Plastik (Skin Faire 2013 Preview!!)
Eyes: Vaele Collection in MagickaDeep by The.Plastik (Skin Faire 2013 Preview!!)
Tatas: Tango Mesh Breasts by Lolas
Hair: Tart in Candy by Ploom
Poses: Random Model poses by Glitterati
Horns: Valus Horns in Ancient by The.Plastik
Lashes: Regina Lashes by Glam Affair
Lips: Parted Lips No.4 by Tuli (Free!!)


The Phoenix



“I … hunger, Scott – for a joy, a rapture.  Beyond all comprehension.”  –  Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix

An homage to my childhood hero.  Because all little girls and boys need heroes these days.  Both real and fantastical.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. I challenge everyone to recreate their own hero.


Outfit: White Phoenix Armor by Bare Rose
Skin: Jadis Tan 04 by Glam Affair
Halo: Madre Halos No. 2 by The.Plastik
Hair: Crazy in Love in Afterglow by Exile
Eyes: Maleficus Collection: Shada Juice by The.Plastik
Lips: Parted Lips No. 4 by Tuli
Feet: Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoe by SLink
Eyeliner: Cat Eyeliner 7 (tinted white) by [a.e.meth]
Poses: Random Model Poses by Glitterati

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