People rise together when they believe in tomorrow…

I struggled with the outfit in this post for several hours before I finally got what I wanted.  This outfit serves a purpose for roleplay in a new roleplay that my partner and I are going to start.  I had not planned to take pictures of it but then I went to FATEwear and the balcony just reminded me of what a balcony in King’s Landing might look like.  Now, onto my SL firsts.

Adena 1

  1. First SL Friend: Sterling Hermes.  He is the person who brought me to Second Life and we are still friends to this day.  We met in EverQuest.
  2. First SL Kiss: Probably, Krusk Kuhr.  He was my first SL crush.  lol.
  3. First SLex time/place/partner: I have no idea, if it wasn’t Krusk.
  4. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband:  My first SL Husband and partner was Alkaline Milosz.  We bonded over a mutual love for baseball and Dark Age of Camelot.  One day he will admit the Cardinals are a better baseball team than the Rangers… oh wait.. sidetracked!
  5. First SL Job: I got a job as a stripper at a club called… now wait for it… “The Sex Club”.  Very original, no?
  6. First SL Creation: Pajamas.  They are long deleted.  I don’t think there is any photographic evidence either, thank god!
  7. First Encounter with a Linden: I really don’t think I’ve ever had an encounter with a Linden.  If I had it wasn’t memorable. lol
  8. First Encounter with a SLebrity:  Well, I did meet June Dion upon my first joining SL, she actually gave me one of her first ever creations.  I had no way of knowing that she would become the huge designer she is today.  I met quite a few “SLebrities” during my time with Nardcotix.
  9. First SL Sim you fell in love with: The first sim that I loved to hangout in was Rosethorn (I think it was called that).  We basically ended up being a bunch of dorks on the docks most of the time but it was fun.
  10. First SL Blog Post: June of 2011.

Adena 2

So that I don’t get behind I thought I would also share my guilty confessions.

  1. My inventory is a huge mess at the moment.  I don’t know why but I just can’t find myself to be arsed enough to organize it.  I keep putting it on my to do list and I keep ignoring it.  It’s becoming a big monster that might eat me.  But, having said that, my inventory is just over 40k, which I think is decent for being a 7 year+ resident.
  2. I have more alts than any one person should.  When I first started Second Life I came from MMORPGs where you had to make a new character for everything you did.  I kept that same mindset when I first joined SL.  I have at least 7 that I can think of off the top of my head.  Most of them never get touched other than to clear notices or letters off a lucky chair I want.  *hangs my head in shame*
  3. I have things in my inventory that I have never worn and probably don’t even know is there.  Hunts, impulse purchases, things that weren’t exactly what I thought they were.  It’s terrible, shopping is an addiction!
  4. I am slightly obsessed with reading profiles. I read most everyone’s profile I come in contact with.  If I see an avatar I like I will read their profile.  It’s a weird voyeuristic obsession I have.  I am also addicted to inspecting people’s avatar’s to see where they got things from.
  5. I am shy.  It is difficult at times for me to acclimate myself to roleplay sims because I am so shy.  I struggle with fitting in places because I don’t know how to get my foot in the door sometimes.  Other places it seems to come naturally and then I can open up more easily.  More often than not it is a struggle.
  6. I have more hair than any one person should have.  I buy probably 5 hair styles to every one outfit.  My partner knows that I get more excited about hair releases than anything else.  I have a few favorites that make me squeal for joy when they have new hair!  Especially the ones who don’t release as often as they have in the past.  I finally brought myself to delete my ETD folder.  I had to tell myself that I would truly never wear them again because they are that out of date.

Hair:  Analog Dog – Honey
Skin:  Glam Affair – Amberly – India
Eyes:  Mayfly -Deep Sky Mesh Eyes
Eyelashes:  *Redgrave* –  Luscious Eyelashes 39
Make-Up:  Pekka – Metallic Under Eyeliner & Kosh – Metallic Eyeshadow
Shape:  Custom Shape by Kurvy Rhode (IM her if you are interested!!)

Dress:  Rebel Hope – Shelly
Undershirt:  The Muses – Wolf Maid

Necklace and Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer – Raisa Drop (available at FaMESHed May)
Bindi:  Soedara – Elegant Stone Bindi

Poses:  D.Luxx

Location:  FATEwear
Soundtrack:  Samantha James – Rise

About aluram

Just another random character within the metaverse that enjoys shopping, roleplaying, and admiring gorgeous things!

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