Likes and Gripes and Such…


Let me start by saying, it’s been a good week.  I’ve gotten back into my blog, which I missed dearly.  I’ve gotten all of the newness of the last five months of SL all at one time.  Makes for some pretty fun marketplace surfing let me tell you.  I’ve been enjoying all the gorgeous art on Flickr.  I got to hit up the Arcade Gacha Event and Whore Couture Fair.  I’ve been lots of new places over the last few days.  I’m digging it guys.  Lemme throw out some of the highlights.


The Whore Couture Fair and Arcade Gacha were ah-ma-zing.  I had a blast, truly.  Both were superbly presented, and both ate my lindens right up lol.   Don’t get me wrong, the deals were great.  There were just SO MANY of them!  If you’re anything like me, you can’t help but snatch up pretties at pretty prices.

I also got to hit up Genre, which I JUST found out about and hate myself for not going to sooner.  If you like fantasy wear/rp items, this is a great venue.  And the prices were phenomenal.

Bare Rose.  How you seduce me.  *sigh*  All the new mesh items and Lola Tangos friendly items knocked my digital socks off.

The. Plastik.  (Shutup, I know I’m obsessed with this brand.)  How dare you tease me with Skin Faire teasers and pretty eyes, and just stoppit already.  ❤


I can’t believe how retarded some people can be.  Let me start this out by saying, I am extremely vain of my pixels.  I’m a blogger.  Hello.  But even I will slip on a full body alpha when attending fairs and events.  Guys, it’s stupid to run rampant at these things in prim ass cheeks.  You’re killing the sim with lag and robbing others of a fantastic experience.  Which in turn, robs creators of well deserved business.  Just suck it up and take that shit off for a little while.  It won’t kill you.

I can’t believe there aren’t more people involved in Genre!!  Creators, I challenge you to check this place out and get involved!!  It’s awesome!!!

And finally, myself.

I wish I had more time to just blog and take pictures, and share with you guys all the fantastic things I’m lucky enough to see in SL.  But alas, I’m not perfect, as few of us are.  I shun myself for not blogging more, but I promise you guys, that I do try to balance with RL.  I also promise to try to get more posts out.

Hope you all have a snazzy ass weekend. 🙂




About Roewan Kline

I love fashion. I love fantasy. And I especially love when the two mix! I've spent two years finding the most amazing things for my Second Life and I thought someone should be putting these awesome designers in the spot light! Thus the blog was born! Send me your awesome, your down and dirty, your favorite places to shop and I'll show them to the SL community! About me? Well, I love the fine arts, any and all of them. I am a RL nurse (RN) and I care for people. It's mah thing. I'm completely addicted to lolcats, House MD, and sexy silks!

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