This Is Big.

Letter from Jericho Jie on marketplace:

It has sadly come to my attention that certain items I created or co-created for Torvalds Forge are being sold again in Second Life by my former business partner Jona Aabye, without my knowledge or consent, in spite of the fact that Torvalds Forge closed down more than a year ago via mutual agreement. It should not have re-opened without the same mutual agreement.

This is why you now can own every Torvalds Forge item I could recover from my deleted account, and have directly worked on. And you can own them for FREE. Torvalds Forge should be dead and gone, but if it isn’t, you should not have to dole out your cash for any of the items that came from my hand.

*** THANK YOU for all the positive comments and encouraging remarks that I have received, and more so, thank you to the over three thousand people who have already downloaded this pack into their inventory. Your downloads mean that revenue is denied to someone who is undeserving of even a single cent of it. You guys have restored my faith in the inhabitants of the Metaverse, and hopefully helped teach a lesson. Cheers! ***

This pack contains:

Medical Charts
Anvil w. Sound
Archery Target
Arm Knife
Arn the Outlaw BOXED
Attention Attentionwhore Sign
Auction Block
Barrel of Arrows
Battlefield Guerney
Black Iron Collar
Blacksmith Detailing
Blacksmiths Market Cart
Bondmaid Eating Game
Box of Graffiti
Brawler’s Pit
Breakfast of Champions Feast
Butchers Market Cart
Captain’s Belt
Caste of Builders Banner
Caste of Initiates Banner
Caste of Physicians Banner
Caste of Scribes Banner
Caste of Warriors Banner
Chop Wood
Corner Smithy w. Sound
Cracked Mead Barrel v2
Crescent Wall Stove
Dagger Throwing Game
Dina Brand
Do Not Cross The River Sign
Docks Crane
Drinking Horn
Dung Sack
Easter Barrel
Empty Market Cart
Farmers Market Cart
Feast of Cold Fish
Fish Feast
Fish Rack
Fishers Hut
Fishers Market Cart
Fishing Nets on Pole
Flour Grinder Box
Helm of Easter
Game of Dice
Generic Book Thick
Gift Barrel
Gorean Mailbox
Hanging Axes
Hanging Caught Shark
Hanging Longswords
Hanging Spears
Hanging Plucked Vulos
Helm of Eir
Helm of Kori
Helm of Yule
Horgr Altar
Horn of Ivar’s Landfall
House Rules
Hunters Cooking Station
Hunters Sleeping Fur
Hunters Tent
Impalement Spikes
Iron Stocks
Iron Workers Belt
Ivar Fur Cloak
Ivar’s Landfall Banner
Jarl’s Chair
Jarlswoman’s Belt
Jess Dark version
Jess Light version
Joyful Reap
Kai the Healer BOXED
Karl in Blue BOXED
Kassar Brand
Kataii Brand
Kef Branding Iron Cold
Kef Branding Iron Hot
Large Fish Rack
Leatherworker’s Bench
Lejre Stable Open
Line of Books
Log pile w. Anchor
Mead Barrel
Mead Barrel w. Faucet
Mead Carrier
Merchant Scales
Message For
No Bookthumpers Sign
No Femlaws Sign
No Mountain Climbing Sign
No Princesses Sign
Nordic Collar
Northern Brand
Northern Branding Iron Cold
Northern Branding Iron Hot
Northern FW Belt
Northern Guard Tower
Northern Guard Tower with Ladder
Northern House
Northern L-Shaped House
Northern Smokehouse
Northern Warcamp Tent Large
Northern Warcamp Tent Small
Northern Workshop Box
Notice Board
Open Timber Crate
Ottar in Dark
Ottar in Light
Outdoor Torch
Paga Carrier
Paint the Wall
Panthers Beware Sign
Paravaci Brand
Passed out Drunk
Pile of Books
Price List
Quill and Inkpot
Ragnar the Outlaw BOXED
Read a Book
Rope Collar
Round Small Fire
Rune Priest’s Table
Rune Tablet
Rustic Baths
Rustic Curule Chair
Rustic Curule Chair Female
Rustic Curule Chair Male
Sawing Log
Scaffolding w. Ladder
Scholars Pack
Scrollkeepers Belt
Seat of the Master
Shield Chair
Shield Tray
Shrine to the Gods
Simple Desk
Sitting Box
Slave Box
Slave Punishment – Stand in Ice
Slave Wallchains
Slave Wine Goblet
Slavers Belt
Sleeping Furs
Soren the Smith BOXED
Spear Fishing Bucket
Stable Large
Stable Small
Standing Shields w. Axe
Standing Spears 2
Sunken Rowboat
Tan the Thrall BOXED
Tarsk Feast
The Soap Box
The Soap Box Board
Thralls Iron Collar
Timber Crate
Torvie Gavel
Treasure Hunt Brands
Trial Podium
Tuchuk Brand
Unscripted Slave Whip
Urination Graffiti
Valetines Day Warrior Armband
Vines Forest Collar
War Arrow
War Room Table
Warrior’s Pyre
Warriors Belt Box
We Used Your Slave Sign
Weapons Cache
Weapons Rack Axes
Weapons Rack Bows
Weapons Rack Longswords
Weapons Rack Spears
Weapons Walls
Weight Lifting
Women’s Fur Cloak
Ye Olde Well
Line of books w. candle



A very special thank you to my buddy Nak for bringing this to my attention!

Go get it here.

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    I thought this was interesting to know just in case you all happen to buy stuff from there.

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