New RP Sim! Finallly, A Place to Call Home.

OMG.  I can’t wait.  It’s gonna be epic fun.  Mark my words.  I put together a smokin hawt look just for my premiere tromp around the sim.  And thought I would share with ya!  Plus give you a little info about the sim itself!

Hair:  Vicky in Night Shadow by Wasabi Pills

Eyes:  Vae Collection-Fool by The.Plastik

Skin: Aquamer Clau with Gills in Homicide by The. Plastik

Outfit:  G354 Sidewinder in Black by Graves

Pose:  by Glitterati

Face Jewelry:  Phedre Vae By Ellabella

Sim Info:

============Story Line============
In an asteroid belt in the Nebula of Pandora you will find Sector: Sindulgence, a place for all that is sinful. But it wasn’t always so. The asteroid was home to a secret Military stop for refueling and weapon exchange.  But…as all the best secrets are lucrative ones, outlaws soon descended upon it and seized the military outpost.  Claiming it as their own, they milked the station dry.

When the dust settled, an entrepreneurial young changeling by the name of Kioko Kumaki saw her chance for greatness ; besides…she had bigger plans for this forsaken rock.  Her rise to power was quick and brutal, snuffing out those who opposed her by enlisting the help of paid mercenaries to fight at her side.  With an entire military station at her disposal, maintaining her position was effortless.  Anyone who wants to keep their asses out of cryo on this station knows the One and Only rule of Sindulgence:  Don’t Fuck With The Boss.

Over time, Kioko built Sindulgence into a “different” kind of outpost.  Instead of fueling ships—Sindulgence began to fuel pleasures, pains, vices, and just about any other fantasy conjured up in the dark alleys of the minds of any species.

Space is a lonely.  But with Sindulgence it doesn’t have to be.  So come and rest your weary feet, and open up to your inner deviant.

Sector: Sindulgence – – –

Sin Is Waiting.

===========What you will find here============

When you first land on Sector Sindulgence you will realize that there is still a lot of construction going on, so the look of a old military base is still in abundance. You may also take notice that there is a lot of plant life here.

Traveling merchants approached Mistress Kioko with an offering (a rare plant that breeds lust in even the most abstinent of individuals) in exchange for shelter and protection.  Kioko knew this would be good for business and would make Sindulgence enigmatically popular.  The plant quickly overran the station, but the residents here don’t seem to mind.

A place like Sindulgence isn’t without its own brand of danger.  Even with a comfortably high level of security, the poorer members of the station inhabit the slums, or the depths of station aptly labeled “The Sewers”.  Prostitutes, drug dealers, and many other manner of unsavory individual call these rundown holes ‘home’.  The impact of the rampant poverty is visible all over the station, as crazed drug addicts, or petty criminals have a knack for being destructive.  Gangs also occupy the tunnels and other outlets throughout Sindulgence.  Rats she calls them.  Rats.

And yet—Sindulgence has ‘society’.  High rollers, profiteers, and people of power are clamoring to spend time amongst the things they love most.  Money.  Food.  Sex.  These are the things that Sindulgence has to offer.  Excess and Decadence are two of Mistress Kioko’s -favorite- words.  And those with a fat bank account may find it easier than some to persuade the Boss to turn the other cheek to what sectors within the Prime Colony call ‘questionable deeds.’

THIS IS A MATURE SIM! Adult actions are preformed here! Dark adult actions! To include but not limited too:
If you cringed at any of the above, We suggest you not RP here. This is a FREE FORM RP.  HOWEVER — people have the right to refuse RP that they aren’t comfortable with.  No one can -force- anyone to do anything else.  So, if you want to RP here and don’t want to be raped, we would suggest you put in your profile that you have that limitation.  This is a mature sim, and we expect everyone to act mature.  Griefing, bickering, or any other disruptive behavior can get you banned.  This is a community, and we’re all adults—so let’s act like it.

Check out Sector: Sindulgence for yourself here.


About Roewan Kline

I love fashion. I love fantasy. And I especially love when the two mix! I've spent two years finding the most amazing things for my Second Life and I thought someone should be putting these awesome designers in the spot light! Thus the blog was born! Send me your awesome, your down and dirty, your favorite places to shop and I'll show them to the SL community! About me? Well, I love the fine arts, any and all of them. I am a RL nurse (RN) and I care for people. It's mah thing. I'm completely addicted to lolcats, House MD, and sexy silks!

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  1. Hi Roewan! I’ve been out of SL for awhile, but I miss it! I was looking into role play sims to see if I might want to join one and came across your blog. Are you still playing? Did you like it? I am the same as you, I’ll make an outfit and dive in but after awhile I get a bit bored! Thanks for any response 🙂
    Bibe Mayo

  2. I absolutely loved,it there! I haven’t been in for awhile, due to RL and blog work, but Kioko and her crew were some of the most out of this world people I have ever met. Love them bunches!!!

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