Fashion For Life is here!

That’s right! And it’s ripe with beautiful special editions and new items that we haven’t seen! I picked up four things so far that I wanted to share with you, from four of my favorite designers in SL. The first is the Haven Designs special edition of Dancer. When this set was released it came in an array of vibrant colors, and the movement of its tiered skirt was a certain eye-catcher! I am so in love with this cool new silver edition. It reminds me of the saying “around every cloud there’s a silver lining”. And I think more than anything, that conveys what this fair is all about: Hope.

The next is this amazing Gypsy Harem Silk by Solange Cerveau.  The design is beautifully rendered, textures and prims couldn’t be more perfect, and the overall affect?  Lovely.  Designs like this make it easy to see why she remains one of the top designers in SL.  Her continuing support of the American Cancer Society makes it easy to see why those fortunate enough to know her, love her:  her heart.

The third is the lovely Divided set by Fantasia.  An Oriental inspired number, the Divided slave outfit is one that does exactly what I like my clothes to do.  It surprises me.  What appears to be a lovely high necked dress with cap sleeves, is revealed to be notched out on the side, revealing just enough skin to give it that naughty appeal, but while maintaining modesty.  This set reminds me in a way of the millions of patients who have lost their hair to chemotherapy.  And how they report feeling naked without their hair, despite how covered they may be.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the beautiful skin contribution by the.Plastik.    The Ataciara- Hypnotic skin (shown here in the Melody tone) is sooooo pretty.  Like all of the skins at the.Plastik, it’s whimsical and pretty, and downright magical.  All in all, it reminds me of the colorful spirit of the thousands of brave men, women, and children who struggle daily with disease and still find the strength and beauty in life to smile.

I hope that each of you will check out the Fashion for Life Fair.   See the names and faces of victims and survivors at the memorial.  And even though it’s the biggest shopping fair of the year in SL, remember what we’re all there to do. 🙂  ❤ to each and every one of you.

Fashion For Life


About Roewan Kline

I love fashion. I love fantasy. And I especially love when the two mix! I've spent two years finding the most amazing things for my Second Life and I thought someone should be putting these awesome designers in the spot light! Thus the blog was born! Send me your awesome, your down and dirty, your favorite places to shop and I'll show them to the SL community! About me? Well, I love the fine arts, any and all of them. I am a RL nurse (RN) and I care for people. It's mah thing. I'm completely addicted to lolcats, House MD, and sexy silks!

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