BINA’s Jezzie’s ‘Wagon Dress’ + 25L Tuesdays, and a SUPER SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Greetings lovelies!  Its been ages since I’ve been around but what a way to come back.  A complete banging success from BINA!

Today, Cymoril Lightfoot, BINA Genius (*cough*bias*cough*) Designer releases Jezzie’s Wagon dress!

Those of you who have sought out a garment for a woman of the plains will back me up here, I think–its TOUGH.  Finding a high quality one? Nearly impossible until now.  Shown above is a completely black version.  This is a RARE, LIMITED TIME OFFER. In the store there are 20 black bags at the landing point.  Each costs 2000L.  There will be -NO- more than 20 of these on the grid!!  At the time of this post they had only just been put out and there was already only 18 remaining! So do not delay!

Another thing you need to rush in to pick up is the 25L Tuesday item!  Today only, Jun 8 2010 you can buy these highly detailed birth stone posts in store:

but back to the main show…. Jezzie’s wagon dress.  The official release includes the following color options:






and red!

Each color costs  $599 L, fat packfor $2900 L (saving $694 L)

each comes with 18 Pieces!:

2 Dress tops (shirt and undershirt layers)

Glitch pants

2 Prim (sculpted) sleeves

Prim (sculpted) boots

1 Prim Skirt

1 Prim Belt (with tons of RP details, pictured below)

Gold nose ring with several attachment options

1 Scripted necklace

Check out the pics:

RP items: bag similar to one you’d see in eastern india, a jade comb, keys, and on the rear… a cooking spoon and useful knife, both of which often described in the books!

Also, straight from Cymoril (because this is one of those gems of her creations that I’m still drooling over!):

The scripted necklace, an item influenced straight out of nomads.. the free women were not allowed to worship, but they did pay haruspexes (a type of holy man) to read their future or supply them with charms/talismans. Colored, knotted strings to wear around the neck were used in this example from the books, with stones that have natural holes in them. These types of stones have been considered magical for many cultures throughout time. I added carved bone beads and 2 kaiila claws for this magical fetish necklace. It is scripted to color change so you can rp wearing a color in accordance with your rp story (red for love, gold for money, green for health, etc!).

Now go!!!  And don’t forget to slap the MMs, sit on a few lucky chairs and hit up the camping poles! New items!


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  1. Snowhawk (formerly Misae)

    I finally got a chance to pick this up in black… (there are now 5 left, ladies!)

    I love love love it!

    Cymi does such awesome work. :3

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