Some Credit Where Credit Is Due!

While meandering around SL yesterday I stopped in at one of my frequent tp’s and looked around at the new stuff they had to offer, and to my surprise there’s a pack of fab poses with a note that pretty much said if you were a blogger you could get the pack for free! *Squealz!* So I click and begin looking at the requirements and realized two things. 1.) I can’t get the pack without mentioning the store but more importantly, 2.) I often forget to credit things other than the silks. So yes, in a way this is a shameless attempt at getting that pack of poses, but honestly I do want to make mention of all the great stores that have wonderful content in SL. Stores that are a big part of this blog. 🙂 So here we go:

(June Racoon in Bean by Curio)
Skin stores are pretty numerous. I really do like a nice variety. Those sexy model skins are quite lovely, but it’s great now and again to have a fabulous fantasy/themed skin (omg how I loved my Higan skins from oBscene!!)! Belleza, Tuli, Curio, Frick, Tyranny, oBscene, 42, Atomic, &Bean, Dernier Cri, Iren, Laqroki, League, the Plastik, RedQueen, Redgrave, and Street Dermatology are just a teensy number of the tons of great stores that I find wonderful skins at! I have to give my biggest credit to Curio however, I’m completely addicted to her skins and I find myself digging for my Elf skin now more than anything! And lets be honest, skins are pricey if you want detail. But Curio in comparison is not the highest priced skin I’ve found, but certainly of the highest quality. Can’t ask for more than that.

(Sweet Lady: Side in Brown by Junwave)
Hair stores. We all know just how many amazing hair designers are out there these days! I find myself frequenting Truth, 69, Atomic, Deviant Kitties, Dernier Cri, 0 Style,, Junwave, lamb, Magika, Maitreya, and RedQueen most often when looking for locks! They range from the gorgeous to the normal to the out there look that makes us turn our heads! For hair stores I have to give my biggest credit to Junwave. I find myself buying almost everything they put out! And not only is the hair completely gorgeous with a wide array of styles, it’s a killer bargain. Most packs sell for 80L. And the colors are beautiful. I’m not a big fan of red hair, but I catch myself wearing Junwave reds often. If you haven’t been… I suggest you check it out!

(Plastik Vae Collection Clea)
Eyes. Do we ever think about eyes? Well if you want a good photo, you have to. Eyes are very important and can absolutely ruin a look if you aren’t careful. I’m not totally crazy about prim eyes, though they are growing on me lol. So where do I shop for eyes? Mostly at Atomic, Curio, Poetic, and the plastik. I can honestly say that my favorite eyes come from the plastik. They have tons of beautiful colors with duo tones and solid tones that just glitter and shine. I keep adding to my collection every chance I get!

(Artemis lashes by the oBscene)
Eyelashes can be such a pain in the butt can’t they? And how to get that just right look? Or even a wild and funky look? I’m rather picky about eyelashes but I have found a few great places to score those lusty lashes! Stores like Redgrave, Beauty Avatar, the oBscene, and [glow] studio offer some of the most gorgeous lashes for those pretty peepers! My fav lashes? Easy. The Artemis lashes by the oBscene! Full, flirty, and easy to adjust. I immediately fell in love with them! They never look funky or out of place and make a gorgeous frame for my avie’s eyes!

(Fae Pose Keep Reaching PR4 by Long Awkward Pose)

(The Diamond Room by Glitterati)
Poses. Here’s where the pic comes together. A great pose will make all the difference in the world when snapping in world pics. We’ve all seen those funky newbie poses that are all awkward or just downright gooberish. Even fun poses have to have an element of realism to make the shot work! So when I’m looking for some new poses I find myself traveling to Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose, and Sugar Mill (though more for props here)! I actually have a tougher time finding pose shops that I like than anything else. Any suggestions please drop me a card in world! I guess I truly have a tie here however. I even counted my inventory to see which store I had purchased more poses from and it was so neck and neck that it was pointless. So I give you the winners: Glitterati and Long Awkward Pose. On the one hand, the pose packs are cheaper at Glitterati and they always give away amazing freebies! On the other hand, Long Awkward Pose has a bigger selection of pose packs and a neat Customer Rewards program! And who doesn’t LOVE the photo props at Glitterati!? And how fun are the large group poses at Long Awkward pose!? It’s hard to choose gals. All I can tell you is I love em both!

And last, but certainly not least, a huge thanks goes out to all the incredible sim creators whose lands I frequent in to take these fun pics for all of you! The Nameless sim, Garden of Dreams, Tempura Island, Bina Island, Chakryn Forest, and even the MC Mainstore Photo Studios are the fabulous places I throw up a pose and snap my shots. They offer fabulous backdrops that make for interesting pics! And there’s nothing more fun than a beautiful, well-designed sim. And MC Studios is fabulous for offering the new (and pricey) PhotoLife studios for public use absolutely free. It’s wonderful!

Well that’s the end of my ranting, and I know this was a huge post, but thanks for bearing with me while I shared some thanks and some spotlight to the creators who come together to make SL a gorgeous and more interesting place!


About Roewan Kline

I love fashion. I love fantasy. And I especially love when the two mix! I've spent two years finding the most amazing things for my Second Life and I thought someone should be putting these awesome designers in the spot light! Thus the blog was born! Send me your awesome, your down and dirty, your favorite places to shop and I'll show them to the SL community! About me? Well, I love the fine arts, any and all of them. I am a RL nurse (RN) and I care for people. It's mah thing. I'm completely addicted to lolcats, House MD, and sexy silks!

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