Celadori Sakai in ICON Lifestyle Magazine

YES! Our beloved Cela was interviewed in Icon Lifestyle Magazine and this was what she had to say:

Behind Arachne Silks

By: Romie Serrao

Celadori Sakai, who prefers to be called Cela, is the proud owner and creator of Arachne Silks, one of Second Life’s largest silks store. Touring Arachne Silks, I was awed at the sheer number of creations, one more unique than the next. Uniqueness is often described as what defines a person, and it is easy to see that Celadori’s designs reflect that.

Cela, like many, initially fought joining Second Life. “I’d been chatting on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) for literally years. I had no desire to move from IRC at the time, and I had loads of friends on IRC and a steady job as an afternoon DJ. When another friend said, hey come visit me in Second Life, I decided it was time to try.” In October of 2006, Cela made her first foray into Second Life and has been here ever since.

Starting out as a dancer, Cela often had to buy silks for her job. While working, Cela, flooded herself with thoughts and desire of how and what kind of silks would look tasteful. “If only they looked like…,” or” wow, I wish I could get…color.” With thoughts of what ‘if’s’, Cela began making small things like jewelry for herself and friends.

Cela’s first store was a small stall in a mall that belonged to a fellow Second Life Mentor. Her business has grown, and today she is the owner of that very same mall.  Cela has moved up in Second Life and is continuing her success. Would Cela change her life in Second Life? “Very doubtful, I love who I am and what I do.”

When asked where she gets her inspiration from, Cela mused “Caffeine and my fevered imagination. The smallest things can spark my imagination actually, I have a set called Cascade that i dreamed up one day while doing the dishes. I was watching the water fill the sink and thought “wow, I wonder if i can make the fabric do that”. Well, it turns out I could … although, you have to actually look closely to see its doing it.” Actually, in the process of her success and the evolution of her talent, she has expanded her horizons in learning new techniques. “Drawing in Photoshop, first off. Of course, since I failed art all through high school, my Photoshop needs to learn to be much more forgiving than it actually is … ask me to draw a stick figure sometime if you want a laugh.”

There is a saying in the Greek Proverbs, “The beginning is the half of every action.” Already an amazing success story, Cela added more to my intrigue. “I’m also a second girl at the Gorean Pleasure Silk University.” Adding to her daily activities, Cela listed her other activities as well. “When I’m not building, I’m teaching and mentoring other slaves. I’m also the assistant manager of the Gorean Merchant Caste, and a Second Life mentor. I’m also part of the team that runs the Gorean Grid Wide Hunt; this time round we have expanded it to 150 stores!”

Like every genius in the making, Cela’s quote to live by is, “while some people want to achieve immortality through their work, I prefer to achieve immortality through not dying.” “It’s been said so many times that I have no clue who first said it, but like all good quotes, it’s accurate.”

As pleasurable as it was for me to see Cela’s designs, it was even more pleasurable to have gotten to know her. She is fun and selfless. Cela encourages new residents of Second Life to explore and enjoy the vibrancy of Second Life and the new and amazing experiences that lurk in every corner.

Be sure and  grab your copy of ICON Lifestyle Magazine at any kiosk, or at Arachne Silks!


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