The G- Spot pushed mah love button..

Hi! It’s me.. Aimee. Coming to you live from beneath a few layers of fabric– just a bit more than ususal.  Well for those who know my  love-to-get-naked self, perhaps more than just a bit.  So, in an attempt to help Roe catch up on some of her work, I went shopping..( ummm… Yeah , that was really the reason I went shopping.. really)  and stumbled on one of my favorite stores. The G- spot ( Gotta love that name) and, of course, so aptly named she hit me right in the love button with a few of her new designs.



 Well made, was my first thought going into the store, though, with further inspection, I decided they were for a different kinda of Freewoman. The kind that just doesn’t get ruffled up. The she-urts and peasants of the bunch. As a female that is against any kind of fluff, except the occasional flower or baby pink bow. ( Side note-  I am not totally against fluff, It’s just that I stay in so much um… trouble that I am often cleaning up after the bosks,.. or washing the vulo pens, and I am almost sure if Mr. Bosk saw that pink ribbon trailing from my butt,  he would just eat it…O.O )  Her realistic roleplay dreses amazed me. So I grabbed a few and decided to bring them to you amass.  So feet up Mistresses’, this one is for you.



toiblog3-1.1I’ve noticed recently, an influx of Mistresses in the Builder Caste. Now knowing that, again, this is  just one of those situations where fluff does NOT apply- I found that “The Fabricator’s Engineer” did the job for me. It’s properly scrubby ,and downright grimy, enough for any yellow caste Woman to trudge through the mud while building our Gorean empires. For yours truly, the hat and the pipe totally did it for me alone, ( came with the dress) as well as ( gasp.. gasp.. gasp.. Yeah y’all knew the gasp was coming).. BOOTS! I love just about anything that comes with a decent shoe; honestly, because that may just be one of the hardest things to find in Gor — a decent pair of no frills shoes. The skirt, with layers of  construction dust covered fabric, comes with a very detailed belt, full of all kinds of yummies: pouches, ropes, scraps of metal and other bits and bobs. Handy huh?



Ok, So, we all knew what a She-Urt was right..uhh,.. wrong.. so here is the wiki definition before I continue: she-urts: (noun; short for ‘she-urts of the wharves’) homeless free girls – runaways, vagabonds, orphans, etc. – who live near the canals in port cities, surviving by scavenging, begging, stealing, and sleeping with paga attendants; they sleep wherever they find space, and sometimes wear a brief tunic instead of Robes of Concealment. ( note the word sometimes.)


                                                                                                      toiblog3-2.1I have often found that a She-Urt that shows a bit of skin is essentially told she is begging the collar. And one that covers to much is potraying what she is not- Someone of the, ah..sect.  Perhaps in some cases, but most often they just couldn’t or shouldn’t be able to afford the robes of concealment; moreover they often cared less for thier state of dress and more about were the next meal will appear from.  ( * finishes her Gor Edu rant and takes off her scholarly cap*)  With that said, I found the juicest outfit at the G-spot.  When I first saw “The She- Begger”  I thought, ‘THAT is what a free woman would look like if she was poor, homeless and forced to the street’.  The lace was dirty, the fabric ragged, and the rips and tears are all just so,.. well you know..  ripped!  It comes with a matching veil for those crafty ones sneaking into places one shouldn’t for those gotta-get-a-bit-of-bread moments. And I LOVED (Yes the all caps type of  love) the peek -a- boo nipple. That was so sinful I had to say “oops!”.. and oops about a nipple from a slave, well that is almost bladphemous.  This one didn’t come with boots, but I found beauties at Emo-tions mall. A great store I fully intend to blog about later. I thought the water carrier from Soul Garden made a great prop. As I know I damn sure would sell water to a river, If I was hungry and the river would buy….grins.


toiblog3-3.1Last, but not least, for my final find this one is rated a class 5 on the “OMG!.. is she naked….?” scale.  ( All that Feewoman fabric had me a bit warm, and we can’t have that now can we.) The flushed collection from Ropeworx is a wonderfully textured set of whips and spanking marks; great for roleplay of any sort. It comes in different hues, so anyone of any skin tone, an look properly chastised.  Unlike alot of the marking sets out there this one caught my eyes because it’s just what it says: a hot flush across the skin. It wasn’t a garishly red texture painted onto my boobehs..( Yes, I said boobehs and yes, I happen to find that word extremely entertaining.)   I almost wanted to be bad just so I could have an excuse to wear them…well, almost. There are different levels of marks including: flushed, bruised, spanked, and whipped.  A definite must have for what ever you’re into…even if it is just a simple whipping…



Hmm.. You still there?.. Stop ogling my pixels and Go shop! * blushes, covers her boobehs and runs off *  O.o


The Fabricator’s Engineer


Hair – Foam – The Valerie-Brown B


Construction props- Xstreet- ( Free)-



She- Beggar


Hair- Foam- The Drifter-Brown B


Boots- Emo-Tions Mall- SHADOW BOOTS 


Water Carrier- Soul Garden 

Flushed -Ropeworx


Nipple Stickies-  Haven designs- – Pink


Prim cootchie bow ( No longer availible)


Hair- Dernier Cri -Madeline – Red Shades

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  1. Since you metioned the She-urt, I thought I would mention that recently I posted something about the forgotten woman of Gor on my website.

    Not really related to what your talking about, but I hope it creates some thinking and RP ideas in some peoples heads.

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