BINA (50% OFF!) *NICOLE* Camisk … from Eve!

Greetings Silks of SL’rs!!

In SL I go by Evelynn Jacobus, and I’m new to Silks of SL and coming to you with my first entry!

Little about myself first — I’ve been on SL for over 2 years now and spent time in Gor in almost every role, and now out of it can’t keep my paws out of the fashion. I still toss on my silks and wander the gorean stores even if I don’t have anywhere to RP the role. I’m also a proud model for BINA, which is why I thought it fitting to have my first real post (not one where Aimee is lighting my butt on fire! 😉 ) featuring a stunning camisk option from the talented BINA Slavewear designer Cymoril Lightfoot.

Without further adieu, I present to you, the ‘Nicole’ camisk!:









(shown here in *CHERRY*)

For those of you not familiar with BINA, let me explain what has me addicted. The Nicole camisk shown above comes with:

1- Camisk (Jacket Layer)
2- Thongs (Pant and Underpants layers)
2- Flower Tie Options (in contrasting colors that beautifully showcase the garment, one with flounce, one without)
4-Anklets (beaded in both gold and silver options, unscripted this time, so no bells!)
4-Bangles (same deal as the anklets)
2-SETS of Earrings (sensing a pattern here?)
1-Scripted Wheat Stem (that gives out more to all your friends when touched!)

A fatpack would include the colors below:









plum (no prim attachment) mint (prim w/ flounce) & chocolate (flower prim attachment)












blueberry (flower prim attachement) cherry (prim w/ flounce) & licorice (no prim attachement)



These pictures are just to show some of the options. Each pack somes with all the above listed options! Cymoril has said that her clothing comes with ‘TOO MANY’ options, but if you ask me, thats a great ‘problem’ to have! I can’t get enough of the Nicole camisk and its mix of lush textures and delicate sculptie work. You won’t see creations like this anywhere else.

Over the next few days, you can get each color for only 205L! Fatpack 992L! (Thats a 50% of sale for 3 days only at BINA!)


Seriously! Don’t wait! Hurry in and pick up a few creations while they are such a great deal! Don’t forget to stalk the lucky chairs, camping poles, and hunt around for freebies! (SPECIAL 4th of July Freebie featured a few posts back!) Also, Cymoril is known (to me at least) for her generosity, join the subscribe-o-matic and you might get some free gifts through there from time to time as well 😉

Also in this post:
First Pic: Bo by Maitreya (Hairfair Exclusive)
Other Pics: Jenelle by Dernier Cri
Eyes: Folgies:eye_5 by Folgies
Skin: DV Mairmalade-03-Sketchy Teal by Domestic V
Collar: TurianCollar -3.20 by Open Collar


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