Grunge Gorean Cinderella Meets Madonna’s Bride’s Maid

( Whispers furtively) Hi it’s me- Aimee, coming to you live from the corner of the fields,  where I have been banished due to MY idea of fashions. Pfft,  How was I supposed to know that modern fashion wasn’t allowed in Gor. Oh well,  I will try and tell you about my little adventure quickly because I have to now clean up after the bosks and tend the garden- which BTW is so totally not my chore this week. I am sure some lucky slut is just peeing her kirtle from pleasure.


toi-blog2edit So I was creeping around in the Head Slaver’s office looking for candy ( Don’t act like you haven’t always wanted to find the stash too, I am just bolder than the rest- stupider possibly but bolder nonetheless.) and I happen upon what looked like a very colorful scroll. It had writing on it I couldn’t really read, but from what I gathered the object was from earth. So being my nosy little self I dove in and began to turn the pages. Oh / Me /Gee, the colors and pictures sent me into a rage. I couldn’t believe all the great stuff I was seeing. Now of course I knew I wasn’t getting to earth any time soon so I decided to do a bit of creating.

 Now anyone who knows me knows that when I have a brainstorm it usually ends up in either trouble or a fabulous look. This time it was both. I took off for a run to my trunk in the kennels and began to destroy the room in my search.



So for my first ensemble( yeah I think that is one sexeh unused word – it just kinda slides off the tongue.. I pulled out this dress from Junbug. Now I am not wearing the under blouse or the scarf that comes with it, that would make it a wonderful  peasant Free-Woman’s gown. For me it was a kind of a grungy gorean Cinderella look ( No I am not a princess- I just found it easy to imagine being tortured by evil step-sisters in this outfit.)toi-blog2-3 edit  The designer Juno Mantel, added just enough subtle layers of grime to the outer fabrics to add a realistic element to any gorean role-play. Detailed lacing around the top and belt make it pretty enough for anyone to feel like a grunge princess in it. No re-size script but it wasn’t hard to fit it to my curves at all. And it comes on just a jacket layer and a detailed prim skirt. So yes ladies you can keep your tattoos, brands, and other misc layers on and still be fluffy. 

I perked this outfit up to modern standards with these rawkin finger nails I got on a hunt  in the Cutie Honey store. If you have never been there either You have got to pop in her shop. The playful outfits and accessories and giant ice cream- is to die for. ( I almost died trying to eat all that ice cream) The hair is a punky funky design from Truth, that holds a array of color change options that just blew me away. I also picked up these boots at AuMa, and was pleasantly surprised at the clean lay out and well made shoes I found there. These boots were a dream and so comfeh, I had to prance around the Slaver in them, That added to the fact that most of my chores weren’t done AND I had broken into His office to steal candy ( which duh when he saw the outfit He knew what I had been up to) -got me quite the dressing down so to speak, thus my punishment.



Now on to the fluff.  So once it had been decided that I was to tend the field I decided to go for a much fluffier and prettified outfit. I don’t think dressing for chores is a requirement but hey. no one said it wasn’t either. This outfit from Junbug reminded me of  lazy summer days in the fields after chores were done. The flowers along the belt are a sculpted wonder that when added to the sweet rose in my hair, made me feel almost childish again. I set off for the fields to hopefully blend in with the flowers and escape more punishment.

toi-blog2-2 edit This one exuded sultry innocence to me, a look that is not often achieved here in Gor. The lace gave it sweetness, while the revealing and seemingly ripped neckline made me feel like a flower girl at Madonna’s wedding.  ( OK that was horrible but come on, what do you think she would dress her flower girls in, taffeta???)

I found accents for this that suited it perfectly and thought I should share. The bracelet and brooch was a great subscriber’s gift from slink which I got when I popped into her store and found these wonder feet – Yes FEET- that don’t look like pieces of wood attached to my ankles. They come in a variety of styles ( shown here in flower child) with an easy to use HUD they are a slave must have because most of us just don’t wear shoes.  She also -( gasp gasp gasp)- does Male toes that don’t suck or look feminine at all. Gotta love a guy with sexah toes right?

The hair I got from Novocaine- I found it on Truth island when I  popped in once I heard about it from one of my sources. ( Yes-  people are as addicted to shopping as me and we have a secret underground channel we use to spread sales and great finds. I can’t tell you the name or I will be killed but trust me we are everywhere .. muhahahahaha.) It was on sale for $50L for a color pack. Couldn’t pass that one up.



So now with all more horrid chores finally done I am just lazing around a bit. Trying do decide what I can get into next. Hmm.. I wonder if they had latex in gor.

See ya around chickies. buh byiestoi-blogextraedit




 Look 1 | The Sneak|


Camisk- Haven Designs- Willow


Hair -Truth- Elle- Copper


 Look2 | The Grunge Princess|


Kirtle- Junbug- For


Hair- Truth- Willow- Copper and Midnight


Boots- *AuMa*- Short Boots – Light Blue


Nails- Cutie Honey- ( Cinderella hunt freebie)


Earrings- Ear Candy-(  Total Betty Grand opening Freebie )


Look 3 | The flower child or Madonna’s Bridesmaid | 


Kirtle- Junbug- Abbie in Spring


Hair- Novocaine – Claudette v2 – Reds v3


Feet- Slink- Barefoot Flower child
 (And she makes Men’s feet too and no they don’t suck.. *waves at Dancien over at SCD)


Nails – :: Exodi :: –  Angie Prim Nails (Series 1)


Bracelet and Brooch – SLink -Subscriber Gift – Orchid Accessories


Background shots- Cutie honey main store


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  1. All in a days work. 😀

  2. Nice pictures and a very nice blog. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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