Introducing.. Aimee!! ( yeah that’s me..)


OK! … Firstly, I would like to introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. I’m Aimee. My kajira name currently is mia but most of my friends call me mimi, mimikins, or the addict. The last name, of course, is how I got this job. I am addicted to shopping in Second life. Naturally, silks are not all that I own; but, since I primarily play in Gor that’s what I seem to find the most of in my inventory. WOOT! Second life has some fabby designers out there, so, of course, like every other blog out there – it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

So TADA!  – Mimikins Look book- Fait au hasard.
I will not only be featuring the silks, camisks, and kirtles I have found in SL but also the fabby accessories and oh god … oh god! – hair, shoes and even bags ( Yes, there are some great bags that slave can wear- duh SL is High fashion even when your cooter is out.), and anything and everything Gorean. YES!.. everything – even for the Free. So, keep your eyes open for the look that fits you.

Now, without further adieu, let me give my disclaimer; then on to the looks:
I am random. I am known to be rather random, to even the most random person I know (yes Dee, I do mean You). As I was trying to come up with an idea for a theme, I decided randomness is best and that’s what you will get. I am gonna give you fashion just like I find it in my inventory – and finding anything in there can be a mix of “Ohh isn’t this cute” and “Hey! Where the hell did I buy this? “- that is, when I can find anything in my jumbled closet.  Though, for now,  I promise to keep my articles clean and keep you informed; which is the one thing I cannot say about my inventory. Now on to the randomness…

aimee9 My first feature is CUTE! And … OMG, I mean, CUTE and SEXAH! (No my caps key is not stuck that just how excited I was.) The name of this one is Nuri.  It is a Multipurpose gypsy-like silk by Haven Designs. Now, when you first hit the grid in SL as a slave, you’re directed to a few stores for silks and camisks. Dee’s store was on that list for me.  Since then I have managed to find something in her store to fit every occasion. Nuri ( seen here in snow) caught my eye because of it’s possible use as a kirtle as well; for those girls in the land of Jarls.  So, stop by – have a look.  Dee’s store is very well structured with high quality, photo-realistic displays on the walls. The silk sells for $650L,  $ 2900 for the pack of 8 ( Totally worth the whole package!) and it is simply a must have for those that like to look hot – in rich fabrics.


aimee6 It is a look that comes with two skirts, and pants as well.  Dee’s hip hugging belt lines, as usual, always manage to capture the roundness of the slave belly and accent it with out totally exposing your poonanny ( Yes poonanny AND cooter in the same post ..I am a bad girl!) to everyone. (especially those sensitive Freewomen ) The infinitesimal beading  on the top, skirt,  and pants adds an intricate attention to detail as it takes this piece to other levels completely.  Haven offers a resplendent selection of textures to appease our insatiable appitite for variety and color. This outfit is sure to have your Master, or Jarl assaulting your pixels.


Silk – Haven Designs -Nuri- snow

Skin- Curio – Acorn -April2

Hair- Maitreya- Reds- Copper

Shoes- !!HUSKY GFX!! -Medieval sandals female – brown

Earrings- Curious Kitties- Dreams Earrings – White

Leg Rock Thrower- H&S Designs-


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