Angel Wing Angel Silks

The Angel Silks collection, available in pink or aqua, celebrates the yin side of nature. Blossoms of the native SL plant “susanti angelicus”, commonly known as angel’s wings, are the central motif of these earthy silks; these flowers spring out on all 19 pieces of this collection. I was delighted to discover, as I carefully examined them, quite subtle floral designs beyond those flowers that first attract the eye to these silks.

But let’s start with the obvious, to all the better appreciate the finer details later. Colorful blooms sprout in relief from delicate silver vines running across the chest, bearing tiny silver berries that have not quite ripened enough to fall to the earth. More entwine about the waist, to form the belt. Arm, wrist, leg, and thigh bands all bear the same large angel’s wings blossoms, too. Beneath this decorative layer of foliage is no simple bra and panty set. The seductive strapless top is just large enough to keep mother nature from running completely amuck. Look carefully to see the tiny strand of blossoms dangling in front. Another lock hangs in back. Strings of small lace flowers bloom along the waistline of the g-string, drawing the eye along the path to a virtual garden of Eden.

Now, maybe it is just my imagination running away with the theme at this point, but is the texture of the cloth used for the top and panties a mosaic design of roses? If I am imagining it, don’t spoil it for me! I like thinking those are roses, and I don’t want to hear otherwise! In any case, you can’t deny the flowers woven into the fabric of the silks themselves. Crowning it all is this lovely hair attachment.

OK, so after all that flowerly language, let me wrap this up a little more succinctly (and it’s hard to keep coming up with these clever metaphors, anyway!) The wrist and ankle cuffs are equipped to work with Lockmeister restraints. Woo hoo! The other accessories contain the stripping scripts. Ooo la la! Slave papers provided. Modifiable to fit your avi! Whew! 🙂

Angelwing Fashions Main Store

$350L at Angelwing’s Main Store


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